On April 14, 2023 Cupcake, a long term Fospice/Special Needs girl passed away. Here is the note from her family.
Today was a hard day I have been dreading for weeks. We had to let Cupcake “Mama” go. She has been declining a lot over these weeks and her pain was becoming very noticeable despite all the pain meds. We got her in April of 2020 as a nine year old that had been bred for what seemed like her whole life. Never would I have ever expected to have had her three years later two months away from 13. Incredible for a mastiff. She touched our hearts so quickly when she came it was like she belonged here all along. She lived these three years in retirement as she should have doing whatever she wanted getting special treats and sleeping the days away beside her beloved hooch. I’m so grateful to have been able to give her those years and to be the receiver of her love and sassiness. RIP Mama.
Dogue de Bordeaux Rescue is so thankful to Cupcakes family for giving her such a wonderful, loving home.
Rest in peace Cupcake.


Four-year-old Duke and his sister were living in a car for sometime before coming to Dogue de Bordeaux Rescue. The siblings appear to be bonded and need each other for comfort and security. Duke likes people but not does not trust them and is very timid, if he becomes startled he runs to his bed for safety.  He is getting to be friends with some of the other dogs in his foster home and would be best for him to live with another confident dog.  Duke will need a special adopter. 
All of our rescues are spayed/neutered, up to date on shots and micro chipped before being placed. Completed application and reference/home check required. We do NOT ship or fly rescues as it’s too stressful on them. Please contact Pam with questions.





Please welcome ten years old, Hachi!
Due to an illness Hachi’s owner could no longer care for him. Hachi is a very social guy and loves to be with people. He is quickly making friends at his new home. Hachi is in great health for a senior Dogue de Bordeaux.




Mac was my best friend, and we did everything together. It was rare that he was not by my side. I am thankful Mac spent the last six years of his life knowing what true love was. Mac was a one-in-a-million Dogue and I will never forget him. 

A Macmorial was made to Dogue de Bordeaux Rescue in Mac’s name to help Dogue de Bordeaux in need find love and a forever home. 


Update 11/13/2022
We think we have his diabetes under control. However, at this time he is not adoptable, he lacks confidence in people or dogs.This makes him appear aggressive toward both.
Monthly cost:  $50 insulin  $80 eye meds.  $90 special dog food
Four year old Axel came to us in early June of  2022. He is extremely sweet and good natured. He is considered special needs because he has diabetes. His insulin was recently increased, and he seems to be feeling better but has lost weight.  He also has prescription dog food. We hope that once we have his diabetes under control, he will be adoptable.
All of our rescues are spayed/neutered, up to date on shots and micro chipped before being placed. Completed application and reference/home check required. We do NOT ship or fly rescues as it’s too stressful on them. Please contact Pam with questions.





We welcome Robin!

Dogue de Bordeaux Rescue is going to do everything we can do to make his life better.

Robin came to us from a southern shelter. Estimated age is seven years. He is very shut down. No tail wags or any sign of being happy. He kind of drifts around his fosters house and tries to avoid everyone. He has no idea how to eat from a bowl – he must have been fed on the ground. He has tested extremely high heart worm positive. The vet has started him on antibiotics and cannot proceed on treating his heart worm until we do an echocardiogram.
Robin has a great appetite, he is eating and drinking very well, we are keeping him comfortable and he finally is sleeping trough the night. Please keep Robin in your prayers and thoughts as he waits for his results.

Update 6/3/2022

Robin has been in our care for one week. He’s still very ‘hands off’. Robin has the freedom to explore the house but if his foster family try to touch him he backs off and squirms away. His foster mom has been sitting with him in the crate when he won’t come out and after initially trying to get as far away as possible he will let her pet him and stop twitching so much. When he settles outside the crate, he goes to the very farthest corner of the porch and huddles up there.

It is heartbreaking, we can’t imagine what he has been through. 

Update 6/30/2022

With the utmost sorrow we share Robin passed away. Robin had several seizures and didn’t recover. He most likely had a brain tumor or a neurological issue.
Robin was only with us a few weeks, he was very shut down but we hope he knew he was loved.
His foster mom has our sympathy.






 April 28,2022

Pearl is a Dogue de Bordeaux Rescue Fospice dog, Pearl has  Masticatory muscle myositis is an inflammatory disease in dogs affecting the muscles of mastication (chewing). At intake she had very limited mobility, approximately one inch, in her jaw making it very difficult to eat and drink. Pearl’s jaw did have some improvement with treatment, she is now able to open her jaw about two inches.


May 2,2022

In the last three days a terrible infection has developed on Pearl’s front legs. This may be in part her immune system has been weakened from the medication she takes to treat her masticatory muscle myositis. The tissue near the infection is likely to die which will cause additional problems for Pearl. She has been given two antibiotic and a pain prescription. We are waiting on lab results and based on the results we may need to change antibiotics.

Pearl is in good spirits and does not have a fever. You may notice the odd shape of her head, that is part of the disease.

 May 5,2022
Pearl was seen by the vet again today, her wounds are looking better but she has a long way to go!
On Wednesday Pearl will have a laser treatment and a wound flushing, then on Friday a surgery to reattach some muscles, skin, and to close some internal pockets that have been created.
Pearl was not eating but an adjustment was made to her medications and her appetite has returned.
May 7,2022
Pearl’s surgery went well. The surgery was to close some wounds and make sure the skin’s edges don’t close before attaching to other skin. The antibiotics are working better than they had hoped. Things are looking up!
Pearl has a follow up appointment Monday.
July 8,2022
Pearl has had her last laser treatment  for her leg and is recovered. 
 July 24,2022
Pearls is loosing mobility in her jaw. We fear this will be an ongoing cycle of medication and improvement to be followed by other issues  due to  the medication. 


Sonny’s Story

March 24,2022

Sonny, a nine-month-old has a diagnosis of meningeal fibrosis. In non-medical speak, it means the subarachnoid space (where the spinal fluid is) near the C2 vertebrae is being pinched off and causing his neurological issues. He has a somewhat guarded prognosis, with it being rare and the success rate of surgery being risky and unknown. there is also a possibility of reoccurrence later in life.

For now, we have him on steroids for 10 days and then a recheck to assess if he will be a candidate for surgery. His neurologist also did a scan of his brain and found that his lobes were enlarged but not abnormal – she said this likely is what makes him so sweet and a little slower than most, bless his heart.
For the time being we are going to continue smothering him with love and good days, and we’ll see what happens later on. One day at a time.
April 12,2022
Sonny’s Treatment Plan
After meeting with the neurologist and reviewing his MRI results, he was diagnosed with meningeal fibrosis. Essentially fibrous tissue is growing around the spinal chord in the C2 vertebrae. Ultimately, this will result in full paralysis. He has two options that we had been debating heavily over the past few weeks.
Option 1: We continue with steroids to reduce inflammation while his muscles atrophy, and he may have 6-12 months before he is fully paralyzed.
Option 2: Spinal surgery to remove the fibrous tissue. It may or may not increase his mobility, but could buy him a few years before the tissue regrows and causes paralysis.
This was a tough call as we never want to put any animal through unnecessary stress or pain, and we juggled quality of life, his young age, etc, and ultimately decided that given his age and drive, and that he would likely be in less pain post-surgery than he is currently, surgery is the best option for him at this time. We hope this will give him many years to live life to the fullest!
And so, this begins a new chapter of Sonny’s care where he transitions from foster to hospice care. He will live out his life with his foster family.
Surgery is scheduled for the April 25th and we’ll be sure to keep you updated with Sonny’s progress pre and post surgery. We are  anxious, nervous, and excited that we can give him this opportunity. Thank you all for continuing to love on him and sending him healing vibes!




The best soul on this earth passed into his next life last month at 9.5 years old. We are all heartbroken and miss him dearly. Hercules was with Brian and I at my home in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada and he passed peacefully while it rained gently overhead. Herc supported me through an infinite number of life events including my PhD work and his presence will never stop being missed and loved. Herc made an impact on so many lives and being so lovely and gentle he taught many people who were afraid of big dogs to see them as the wonderful beings they are. Thank you Hercules for all you have done for us and all that you have brought to our lives  ❤️


Mom and Dad xoxoxo



Clifford was abandoned in an Arizona desert, he had no water or food and no shelter or relief from the 100 degree heat. While alone in the desert he contracted Coccidioidomycosis, also known as Valley Fever. The condition develops when a dog with an unhealthy immune system inhales Coccidioses immitis (fungal) spores. The spores grow into spherules within the lungs. Early symptoms are lack energy , fever dry cough and decreased appetite. The spherules will grow until they burst releasing hundreds of endospores which can spread throughout the lungs and other parts of the body where the cycle will repeat itself. If the fungal spores reached other parts of the body the symptoms include painful swollen joints, persistent fever, weight loss, eye inflammation and blindness.

If caught in the early stages most dogs receive 6-12 months of anti fungal medications and recover others may need to be treated longer and others die even with treatment. Clifford has been on medication for 18 months and he has shown improvement. He is retested every few months and we are optimistic that he will recover and be adoptable.

In the last couple of weeks Clifford has had pains that make him cry out. He has seen three different veterinarians and the source of the pain can not be identified. He is now on pain medication.

Clifford is now three and living in Colorado with a foster to adopt family.




Young Juna found her way to Dogue de Bordeaux Rescue in late January of 2021. Juna was diagnosed with global fear. Basically a fear of everyday benign things (in her case, people in general, cars, toys… she pretty much spends the majority of her time hiding). This occurs due to lack of socialization during the critical window (3-12weeks of age). We will never know her past, but some possibilities include being raised in a barn or basement, or being born stray and never interacting with people. . It was 2 months before her foster parents saw her wag her tail, she would refuse to come out of her crate or walk outside, and once outside, would refuse to come in if she thought they were around. She would alligator roll when leashed, and used to scatter and run or cower if her foster parent entered the room. Now she will comfortably go in and out to the backyard, does zoomies and plays with the other dogs, and will even go for pack walks around the neighborhood (although hesitantly). Our goal for Juna is that she will be comfortable and happy in every day life, because at the end of the day, living in fear is not a good quality of life. We by no means expect her to ever be a social butterfly, or comfortable in busy public places (think parks, beaches, markets etc), but she deserves to feel comfortable in her own home… and that is our hope for her.




Jake & Jeannie

Jake, Jeannie and one of their female pups were surrendered in April of 2019. The group was living in the back yard and sleeping on an old sofa. They were used for breeding and produced several litters of puppies. Neither adult had seen a vet in several years, at intake Jake had a cherry eye. The owner stated he had it for four years. The female pup was adopted.

They are both “fun size”, Jake weighs 87 pounds and Jeannie weighs 80 pounds. Jake and Jeannie are very affectionate, sweet dogs. Jake loves to be outdoors. Jeanne is always by her foster mom’s side.

In late July of 2023 Jeannie was diagnosed with a heart condition. She passed away three weeks later. Jake passed away in mid September of 2023.