You Found a Dogue 

So, you found a Dogue de Bordeaux (in your yard, on the side of the road, in a field, in your neighborhood, what ever).  Please, follow the legal steps to get this dog into rescue (LEGIT Rescues,  CANNOT take stray dogs, only your shelters can, which we can then get them from the shelter after all legal steps have been completed). Below are the steps that need to be taken before any real rescue group can take in a stray dog.

1. Contact your local animal control/shelter. They will either have you bring the dog to them, or supply them with pictures and information (such as location found, date found and other pertinent information). They will tell you what the legal steps are in your county/state, how many days the dog needs to be “lost” in order to be legally yours or the counties. They MAY have you bring the dog to them to either hold or for them to take pictures and place in a book of “lost” dogs. Each county/state has a different “legal stray hold” period which can range from 3 days to 14 days, depending on the county/state. We CANNOT touch a stray dog until this hold and all legal requirements of your state/county has been met.

2. Make fliers! Even if you take the dog to the shelter, make a flyer with a picture, any info and contact info for where the dog is (either your cell or the shelters phone/location).  Put these fliers up at your local vets, local pet stores, give one to the shelter, and any dog parks or places where people go with dogs and place around neighborhood where dog was found.

3. Place “found pet” ad in newspaper with location, date and contact info for where the dog is now located (your phone or the shelters). These are generally FREE, please, place the ad.

4. Contact us at or complete our surrender questionnaire, send us a picture, let us know any information such as your contact info or the shelter contact info. This way, we can place a “hold” on the dog incase it’s not reclaimed by it’s owner and we can have a plan in place to get the dog once it’s stray hold is up.

5. YOU could be held responsible for a stray, depending on your local laws. The best place for a stay dog is the shelter with Rescue notified of it.

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