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We welcome Robin!

Dogue de Bordeaux Rescue is going to do everything we can do to make his life better.

Robin came to us from a southern shelter. Estimated age is seven years. He is very shut down. No tail wags or any sign of being happy. He kind of drifts around his fosters house and tries to avoid everyone. He has no idea how to eat from a bowl – he must have been fed on the ground. He has tested extremely high heart worm positive. The vet has started him on antibiotics and cannot proceed on treating his heart worm until we do an echocardiogram.
Robin has a great appetite, he is eating and drinking very well, we are keeping him comfortable and he finally is sleeping trough the night. Please keep Robin in your prayers and thoughts as he waits for his results.

Update 6/3/2022

Robin has been in our care for one week. He’s still very ‘hands off’. Robin has the freedom to explore the house but if his foster family try to touch him he backs off and squirms away. His foster mom has been sitting with him in the crate when he won’t come out and after initially trying to get as far away as possible he will let her pet him and stop twitching so much. When he settles outside the crate, he goes to the very farthest corner of the porch and huddles up there.

It is heartbreaking, we can’t imagine what he has been through. 

Update 6/30/2022

With the utmost sorrow we share Robin passed away. Robin had several seizures and didn’t recover. He most likely had a brain tumor or a neurological issue.
Robin was only with us a few weeks, he was very shut down but we hope he knew he was loved.
His foster mom has our sympathy.