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 April 28,2022

Pearl is a Dogue de Bordeaux Rescue Fospice dog, Pearl has  Masticatory muscle myositis is an inflammatory disease in dogs affecting the muscles of mastication (chewing). At intake she had very limited mobility, approximately one inch, in her jaw making it very difficult to eat and drink. Pearl’s jaw did have some improvement with treatment, she is now able to open her jaw about two inches.


May 2,2022

In the last three days a terrible infection has developed on Pearl’s front legs. This may be in part her immune system has been weakened from the medication she takes to treat her masticatory muscle myositis. The tissue near the infection is likely to die which will cause additional problems for Pearl. She has been given two antibiotic and a pain prescription. We are waiting on lab results and based on the results we may need to change antibiotics.

Pearl is in good spirits and does not have a fever. You may notice the odd shape of her head, that is part of the disease.

 May 5,2022
Pearl was seen by the vet again today, her wounds are looking better but she has a long way to go!
On Wednesday Pearl will have a laser treatment and a wound flushing, then on Friday a surgery to reattach some muscles, skin, and to close some internal pockets that have been created.
Pearl was not eating but an adjustment was made to her medications and her appetite has returned.
May 7,2022
Pearl’s surgery went well. The surgery was to close some wounds and make sure the skin’s edges don’t close before attaching to other skin. The antibiotics are working better than they had hoped. Things are looking up!
Pearl has a follow up appointment Monday.
July 8,2022
Pearl has had her last laser treatment  for her leg and is recovered. 
 July 24,2022
Pearls is loosing mobility in her jaw. We fear this will be an ongoing cycle of medication and improvement to be followed by other issues  due to  the medication.