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In Late July Callista was found as a stray she had a ulcerated skin mass on her back. She had the mass removed and the pathology report  stated she had a benign neoplasms (abnormal growth of tissue). At her shelter intake she weighed 73 pounds and was thought to be six years old.

In mid- August Callista began living with a DDB Rescue volunteer. Callista is loving and fun. She likes to snuggle, get belly rubs, sniff everything in sight, and stand under the hose on a hot day.

The last week of September Callista was showing symptoms of a UTI  but it was found she had an inflamed colon and was diagnosed with allergy colitis and is now on a very limited diet and taking a probiotic. She also has an ear infection and inflammation on her feet. A short time later things were not going well and she went back to the vet. An ultrasound found she has thickening of her bladder wall and two growths.
Callista was treated with Mitoxantrone Chemotherapy for Transitional Cell Carcinoma. Her UTI symptoms have gone away and an ultrasound in late October shows the growths are shrinking. The Oncologist treating Callie believes she can have another year of a good quality of life.
Callista is a very happy girl. She loves car rides and interacting with people.
Sadly just days after our last update Callie began having seizures and passed away. Callie was very much loved by her foster family and she will be greatly missed.