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On April 14, 2023 Cupcake, a long term Fospice/Special Needs girl passed away. Here is the note from her family.
Today was a hard day I have been dreading for weeks. We had to let Cupcake “Mama” go. She has been declining a lot over these weeks and her pain was becoming very noticeable despite all the pain meds. We got her in April of 2020 as a nine year old that had been bred for what seemed like her whole life. Never would I have ever expected to have had her three years later two months away from 13. Incredible for a mastiff. She touched our hearts so quickly when she came it was like she belonged here all along. She lived these three years in retirement as she should have doing whatever she wanted getting special treats and sleeping the days away beside her beloved hooch. I’m so grateful to have been able to give her those years and to be the receiver of her love and sassiness. RIP Mama.
Dogue de Bordeaux Rescue is so thankful to Cupcakes family for giving her such a wonderful, loving home.
Rest in peace Cupcake.