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Daisy & Buggs

Las Vegas, 10 month old sisters need forever home together.
Sister puppies, small for their breed. Absolute LOVE BUGS. Extremely submissive to every dog and person they’ve met so far. Still coming out of their shells. When we first got them, they were very nervous, shy, and scared to come to Andrew, the foster dad. Eventually they warmed up to him, but it leads us to believe a man must have hit them and scared them in the past. They have never offered a bite, growl, and anything aggressive towards any person or animal. They just shied away and laid down in fear. After time and treats they are gaining more confidence.
We are working on potty training, they are doing well, still have accidents every once in a while bc they’re puppies and can’t hold it for a very long time yet. They try! They’ve been taught to go where they sleep and eat being transferred from kennel to kennel to kennel and never getting the proper reinforcement and help they’ve needed.
Recently spayed, they are still healing from the surgery so only light walking and light play right now. They love their various chew toys and love their comfy memory foam beds pushed together to sleep together. They’re codependent, having never been separated.
They need someone patient and willing to work on training with them. They’re still puppies! We have been working with them, they are eager but still timid, and try their best. Which is all we can ask from them. This is the first time they’ve been allowed to be true dogs and have a yard to run around in, explore, protect, and have free rein to go out when they want. Everything is new to them. It’s important that their forever home understands and is compassionate to this. Adoption fee $1,200.
They are ready to go to the right home when we find it. We will continue working on basic training in the mean time.
*We have no background information on these girls, they were transferred from one shelter to another with no information.

All of our rescues are spayed/neutered, up to date on shots and micro chipped before being placed. Completed application, vet reference and a home check required. We do NOT ship or fly rescues as it’s too stressful on them. For additional information please email us

Dogue de Bordeaux Rescue is a foster based, all volunteer, 501(c)3 non-profit charity dedicated to rescuing neglected and abandoned Dogue de Bordeaux, rehabilitating and re-homing them into loving forever homes in the continental United States.

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