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Meet Charli

Charli is dog friendly and was housed with a female in the shelter. She is crate and house trained. Charli likes to watch TV and will jump on park benches during her walks for fun. She has an infectious personality.

Charli came into rescue from an overworked shelter that did not recognize that she was ill. She had a severe case of pneumonia. She didn’t want to eat or even get up to go outside. She had an old eye injury; pads of her feet were covered in tiny little sores causing her discomfort. Her front legs are covered in scars as if she was wrapped in something. Charli has a couple of bad teeth that need to be extracted and a dental cleaning on the remaining teeth.

Update 11/13/2023

Charli is doing great after her dental cleaning; she had a cracked upper canine tooth extracted as well as 4 small teeth on her bottom front.  She loves going for car rides and is a quiet rider.  She was wonderful in the vet office. Charli loves all people and was perfect in the clinic environment and with strangers touching her, and strange dogs near her; her tail never stopped wagging.  We had a family visiting for a long weekend and she was super good with them as well as with our 1-year-old grandchild.

Charli is still very reactive to cats but listens well to Leave It and Go Outside, but she is on leash, or I have a hold of her collar.  I do lock the cats away and let her wander the kitchen area, and she seems to enjoy being in the house with us and is good with the other dogs milling around her; they all do a nice group Sit for treats.  Charli does growl at times, mostly when she starts to feel too crowded, like going through a patio door.  She also tends to try and be an alpha dog and give my young male a hard stare, but she quickly sinks to the ground if you raise your voice and is responding well to the command Leave It, even from a short distance. Charli is working on the command Wait when leaving her crate. Charli is still watching a lot of TV when the situation presents itself; and outside she spends a lot of time looking at the windows – I think for the cats, but it also appears to be a developed behavior. Charli will really excel with someone willing to spend one-on-one time and teach her commands and tricks and to walk nicely on a leash.

Update 12/5/2023 Charli has been adopted and is moving to Illinois, Safe travels.

All rescues in the care of DDB Rescue are spayed/neutered, up to date on vaccinations and micro chipped before being placed into their adoptive home. Completed application, vet reference and a home check required. DDB Rescue does NOT ship or fly rescues as it’s too stressful for them. For additional information email us.


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