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Update June 30,2022
We were not intending to have Hazel adopted at this time due to her being timid with people. However, in rescue and life things don’t always go as planned.
A former DDB Rescue adopter, who has experience with DDB from a similar background as Hazel is adopting her. Hazel will have a wonderful life.
Intake June 6,2022
One year old Hazel and her litter of new born puppies were seized from an unlicensed commercial breeder in the mid-west.
Hazel is very underweight and skittish around people. She is receiving several small meals a day of a high calorie food so the weight will come in time. The social skills will take quite a bit longer but fortunately she loves dogs so the dogs in the foster home are working hard to teach her how to be a dog and to bring her out of her shell. She’s going to take a lot of work, but she’ll get there!
Hazel is not adoptable at this time.
All of our rescues are spayed/neutered, up to date on shots and micro chipped before being placed. Completed application and reference/home check required. We do NOT ship or fly rescues as it’s too stressful on them.

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