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Sonny’s Story

March 24,2022

Sonny, a nine-month-old has a diagnosis of meningeal fibrosis. In non-medical speak, it means the subarachnoid space (where the spinal fluid is) near the C2 vertebrae is being pinched off and causing his neurological issues. He has a somewhat guarded prognosis, with it being rare and the success rate of surgery being risky and unknown. there is also a possibility of reoccurrence later in life.

For now, we have him on steroids for 10 days and then a recheck to assess if he will be a candidate for surgery. His neurologist also did a scan of his brain and found that his lobes were enlarged but not abnormal – she said this likely is what makes him so sweet and a little slower than most, bless his heart.
For the time being we are going to continue smothering him with love and good days, and we’ll see what happens later on. One day at a time.
April 12,2022
Sonny’s Treatment Plan
After meeting with the neurologist and reviewing his MRI results, he was diagnosed with meningeal fibrosis. Essentially fibrous tissue is growing around the spinal chord in the C2 vertebrae. Ultimately, this will result in full paralysis. He has two options that we had been debating heavily over the past few weeks.
Option 1: We continue with steroids to reduce inflammation while his muscles atrophy, and he may have 6-12 months before he is fully paralyzed.
Option 2: Spinal surgery to remove the fibrous tissue. It may or may not increase his mobility, but could buy him a few years before the tissue regrows and causes paralysis.
This was a tough call as we never want to put any animal through unnecessary stress or pain, and we juggled quality of life, his young age, etc, and ultimately decided that given his age and drive, and that he would likely be in less pain post-surgery than he is currently, surgery is the best option for him at this time. We hope this will give him many years to live life to the fullest!
And so, this begins a new chapter of Sonny’s care where he transitions from foster to hospice care. He will live out his life with his foster family.
Surgery is scheduled for the April 25th and we’ll be sure to keep you updated with Sonny’s progress pre and post surgery. We are  anxious, nervous, and excited that we can give him this opportunity. Thank you all for continuing to love on him and sending him healing vibes!
July 7,2023
Sonny continues to defy the odds. Sonny recently celebrated his second birthday. He has had some setbacks including a very painful skin condition from his prednisone, so he has been off the prednisone for a while. We assumed his mobility would slowly decline but he is moving better now than when he first arrived.
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