Adoptable Dogues

DDB Rescue does not have a “facility”, we have volunteers nation wide who open their homes to dogues in need. Each dogs location is listed in their profile.

Standard adoption fee is $450.00 which goes to cover their medical needs and spay/neuter. All of our rescues are spayed/neutered, up to date on shots and micro chipped before being placed. Completed application and reference/home check required. We do NOT ship or fly rescues as it’s too stressful on them. If you are interested in any of our rescues, please complete our adoption application.

As of January 1, 2008 our adoption fee has increased to $450 as expenses rise and we are not covering all of the needs with our adoption fee.

Information on adopting, including our application can be found here Adopting

The Dogue de Bordeaux Rescue needs volunteers and foster homes nationwide to open their homes to dogues in need. With a record number of Dogues needing to be rescued, our resources are stretched to the maximum. Puppies to Seniors are waiting to come into the program. The DDB Rescue assists abused, neglected, abandoned dogues from shelters and pounds as well as assisting owners who can no longer keep their dogue. If you can open your home and heart to a dogue in need, please check out our Foster Policy

Thank you for your support

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Nemo in TX

Nemo is a young male (likely under a year) located near South Dallas. His owner dumped him and 5 other dogs (all different breeds) at a gas station on a busy highway, where he and 2 of the others stayed for over a month. It took a while, but our awesome volunteers finally gained...
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Monroe in TX

Monroe is a 3-4 year old male ddb located near Houston TX. He came to us from a high kill shelter in Louisiana. Monroe has a bunch of health issues going on, he is borderline emaciated, is heavy heart worm positive and has skin issues going on. Monroe is not...
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Charlie in OH

Charlie is a sweet young male pulled from a shelter in Ohio. He is located near Akron. Current on vaccinations, micro chipped, neutered and heartworm negative. Charlie is a very sweet boy, probably between 2 and 3 years old, but came to us lacking all manners. He does want to...
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Nibbles in TX

Nibbles is a three year old female Dogue de Bordeaux located near Arlington TX. Nibbles is new to our program and is not quite ready for her forever home.  Her foster family is  working on her socialization, currently she is afraid of new people. Nibbler does well with both male and...
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Babette in CA

Babette is 6-8 year old female who came to us in pretty bad shape. She is located in southern California (near Menifee), she is spayed, up to date on shots and vaccinated. She is WONDERFUL, very grateful to be out of a high kill shelter. She is steadily gaining weight and getting...
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Nyla in NH

Nyla is a healthy 3 year old girl located in NH who is out to please! She is an easy going girl that is very social and friendly with everyone she meets. Nyla LOVES being petted so be ready to give her lots of affection.   She is an awesome dogue,...
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Mims in Colorado

Mims is a just 3 year old spayed female located in Colorado. She is current on vaccinations and micrchipped. Mims came into rescue with her brother and sister on their first birthday in Oklahoma. Mims is the most reserved of all of them and does take a while to warm up, but does come out...
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Daisy in Colorado

Daisy is a just 3 year old spayed female. She is current on vaccinations and microchipped. She is currently in Colorado. She is more outgoing than her sister, but not as outgoing as Dexter. She, along with Mims and Dexter where turned into rescue in Oklahoma on their first birthday. Daisy has...
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Courtesy Listings

Dogue de Bordeaux Rescue has listed the following dogs as a courtesy and makes no claims to the availability, health or temperament of these dogs. DDB Rescue, its volunteers, officers and directors are not responsible for adoptions arranged through this portion of our web site.  Duke located in San Jose...
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Howard located in Texas

Howard came into rescue from a very high kill shelter near Houston. He is currently located near Houston and is neutered, up to date on shots and microchipped. Howard was heavy heartworm positive and has made it through treatment.  He is being fostered with Amy foster family(yes, Sheldon’s Amy) and is...
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Gideon in OR

Gideon is a 3.5 year old male who came to us from a shelter. He is located in Oregon (near Roseburg). He is neutered, up to date on shots and microchipped. He came to DDBR about 20 pounds under weight, but is steadily gaining and already looking better. Gideon appears to...
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Elfie in CA

Elfie is a one year old female located in Northern California (Bay Area). She came to us when started to not get along with her owners small dogs. Elfie is not thrilled with most dogs and would do best in a home with no pets so she can be the center of your...
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Sam in IL

Sam is a 12-15 month old DDB mix puppy that came to us from a high kill shelter in Oklahoma. We recently transported him to a new foster in DeKalb IL. Sam came to us with generalized demodectic mange, secondary skin infections and he was emaciated. Sam has blossomed in foster care, his...
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Ivana in So Cal

Ivana is a 2-3 year old, healthy, spayed female located in Riverside CA. What we know so far: Ivana is VERY energetic, always on the move, her bulging muscles are proof of her energy level. Ivana seems to have a high prey drive, seems to be pretty intense and always on...
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Mia in IL

Mia is a 4 year old female who just came into DDBR. She is expected to be with us only a short time as she has congestive heart failure. Mia is 30 pounds underweight, severely atrophied in all of her limbs and head, likely as never or seldom seen a vet until rescued,...
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Sophie in CA (Southern Cal)

Update: Sophie aspirated while being spayed. She is recovering now, but it was seriously touch and go for a week. Sophie is still very weak and not yet eating well, she dropped about 15 pounds in the week and her full recovery will be long. Sophie is a super sweet 3...
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Storm in IL (near DeKalb)

Storm is located near DeKalb IL. This 10 year old girl has never been told her age. When she first came into rescue in April 2014, she still acted like a puppy, but her age is really starting to show and she is slowing down.! She loves, loves, loves her...
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Bernadette in TX

Sweet, sweet Bernie is located near Houston. This beautiful almost 80 pound, 7 year old lady came to DDB rescue in poor shape. She was poked and prodded multiple times over the course of her first few months. She had a rather rare tumorous growth removed from her left shoulder, had...
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Brooke in NH

Brooke is an approx 7 ½ year old girl who came to us from a high kill shelter in NY. She was found wondering the streets and picked up by animal control.  Brooke is a beautiful DDB both inside and out. She is laid back and very sweet.   She gets along...
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Otis in VA

Update July 3rd, 2014 Are you the one Otis has been waiting for? Otis is a gentle, easy-going guy that is still waiting for his forever home. We find it hard to believe that his home hasn’t found him yet. He is handsome and smart. His manners are excellent –...
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Callie in MO

Callie is an 8 year old female in St. Louis. She is up to date on everything, spayed, microchipped. She is obese and seems to have some health issues going on. Will post more about her once we know more about her. All of our rescues are spayed/neutered, up to...
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Gracie in CT

Gracie May is a petite 5 year old spayed female located in Connecticut. She came to us from a high kill shelter, borderline emaciated, with moderate skin issues and scared of everything. All of her vetting has been completed and she is now ready for her forever home! Gracie has...
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Sophie in MO

Sophie is a five year old spayed female located near St. Louis. She is a super sweetheart, loves people and was raised with children. She would be best as the only pet in the home. She was not socialized outside the home and does not know how to interact with other...
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Dozer in TN

UPDATE: Dozer has finished his heartworm treatment (2/2014) and is officially heartworm negative!!! He continues to try to be an escape artist, but is finally adjusting to being a “house dog”. Dozer is a 10 year old beautiful black mask male located in TN. He is up to date on shots, neutered...
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