Adoptable Dogues

DDB Rescue does not have a “facility”, we have volunteers nation wide who open their homes to dogues in need. Each dogs location is listed in their profile.

Standard adoption fee is $450.00 which goes to cover their medical needs and spay/neuter. All of our rescues are spayed/neutered, up to date on shots and micro chipped before being placed. Completed application and reference/home check required. We do NOT ship or fly rescues as it’s too stressful on them. If you are interested in any of our rescues, please complete our adoption application.

As of January 1, 2008 our adoption fee has increased to $450 as expenses rise and we are not covering all of the needs with our adoption fee.

Information on adopting, including our application can be found here Adopting

The Dogue de Bordeaux Rescue needs volunteers and foster homes nationwide to open their homes to dogues in need. With a record number of Dogues needing to be rescued, our resources are stretched to the maximum. Puppies to Seniors are waiting to come into the program. The DDB Rescue assists abused, neglected, abandoned dogues from shelters and pounds as well as assisting owners who can no longer keep their dogue. If you can open your home and heart to a dogue in need, please check out our Foster Policy

Thank you for your support

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Dolly in MA

Dolly is located in MA. She is a 5 year old spayed female. Dolly was born with a birth defect, one of her legs did not develop and is basically a “wing”. She does get around great though and does not let it show her down. We will post more...
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Chuck in MO

Chuck is located near St. Louis MO. Chuck came into rescue 6/10/17. He is very new to our program and we will update more once we know more about him. If you think you may be the perfect forever home for one of our rescue dogues, please complete our on...
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Rufus in IL

Rufus is located near DeKalb, IL. He came into rescue the weekend of 6/10/02017. He is very new to our program. We will post more about him once we know more. If you think you may be the perfect forever home for one of our rescue dogues, please complete our...
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Hannibal in CA

Hannibal located in Southern California Hanni is a 4 year old neutered ddb that came into rescue when his mom lost her job and home. Hanni is a total ladies man and prefers the company of women over men, but does ok with men after proper introductions and he is...
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Herman in IL

Herman in DeKalb IL UPDATE: Herman is now in Hospice care as he is in kidney failure. All of us at DDBR are crushed. Carol, his foster, will give him a great life for what ever he has left of it. Herman is a senior male we pulled from a...
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Ransom in IL

Ransom is located in DeKalb IL 3-1-17 Ransom is a 4 year old male Dogue de Bordeaux that was surrendered from a breeder in a southern state to DDB Rescue, Ransom spent two years of his life in a crate located in a barn. This left this 4 year old...
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Rascal in IL

Rascal is located in DeKalb IL 4/6/17 Update- Rascal is becoming more comfortable in his foster home and has become friends with a male DDB. Rascal has shown signs of wanting to play with people but does not trust quite enough yet. Rascal has started his heart-worm treatment and will...
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Roscoe in Texas

Roscoe is a 4 year old Dogue de Bordeaux located in Texas that is in need of home. Roscoe weighs 100 pounds and has some seasonal allergies that are managed with Benadryl and weekly baths. From time to time he also needs coconut oil on the pads of his feet...
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Gus in GA

**March 22, 2017 Update: Wanted to give you a Gus update. He is doing great!  Still so happy and he shows it everyday. Every time anyone comes over they are amazed at how happy he seems. He really loves life right now. He eats 10 cheeseburgers from Burger King. I...
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Augie in TX

Augie is a 3 year old, male DDB being fostered in Dallas, TX. Augie was recently rehomed and had trouble adjusting so he was surrendered to DDB Rescue. After living with 3 families in a period of weeks he is sacred and confused. We will let Augie get settled in...
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Big Boy in TX

Big Boy is located near Houston TX. Big Boy came from a MO puppy mill and was sold at auction. DDBR was able to secure him through one of our amazing volunteers (she did all of the fund raising for him and 7 other dogs, and purchased them and got...
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Patrick in CA

UPDATE FROM CARDIOLOGIST APPOINTMENT: Mr. Patrick was a very good boy for the cardiologist and vet staff today (3/22/2016)! What we now know… He a¬†congenital heart defect termed tricuspid valve dysplasia. As a result, the right side of his heart is VERY enlarged and he is in congestive heart failure....
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Courtesy Listings

Dogue de Bordeaux Rescue has listed the following dogs as a courtesy and makes no claims to the availability, health or temperament of these dogs. DDB Rescue, its volunteers, officers and directors are not responsible for adoptions arranged through this portion of our web site.   Ruby Tuesday and Penny...
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