Adoption Application

Before you fill out an application please be sure that rescue is the correct option for you to add an addition to your family. Please don’t use our time to take you through the process only to tell us you’ve changed your mind, bought a puppy, your significant other doesn’t agree etc. Our volunteers should be able to focus their efforts and time on those applications that are serious in helping a rescued Dogue de Bordeaux. Please read before completing the application.
This is not a first come/first serve procedure as we take great care in matching our Dogue to prospective homes that will fit each Dogue. We want the adoptive home to be the “forever” home for our rescues, they need to fit within the home and lifestyle of the family.
DDB Rescue does not have a “facility”, we have volunteers nationwide who open their homes to Dogue de Bordeaux in need. Each dog’s location is listed in their profile. We need more volunteers Nationwide, if you can help, please, contact us!
Our Adoption fee is a sliding scale, based on age and health which goes to cover their medical needs and spay/neuter. This is listed on the Adoptable Dogues page. All our rescues are spayed/neutered, up to date on shots and micro chipped before being placed. Completed application and reference/home check required. If you are interested in any of our rescues, please complete our adoption application.
We do NOT ship or fly rescues or transport across country as it’s too stressful on them, they should be within a reasonable driving distance to you. If you are in the east and a dog you want is in the west, please, think of the safety and health of the dog first. This breed is known to “bloat” when stressed, we will not risk the health/life of a rescue.
If you have never owned a dog of any kind a rescue Dogue de Bordeaux would not be your best choice for a first-time dog owner. This is not a breed for everyone, look for something more docile and easier such as a Labrador or Golden Retriever.
If you don’t want your rescue Dogue de Bordeaux spayed or neutered, don’t complete our application. ALL our rescues are altered, period.
If you are looking for a jogging, running, hiking partner or super active dog, the Dogue de Bordeaux breed may not be the best suited for your lifestyle.
We typically do not place Dogue de Bordeaux’s into homes with small children (under age of seven) unless we know that a specific dog is good with children.
If you want a rescued Dogue de Bordeaux NOW and can’t wait – please do not fill out our application. Our application process is very detailed. We will call your vet, all your references and conduct a phone interview with you as well as visit you in your home before your application can be approved. This can take weeks as we have a limited number of volunteers covering a large geographic area.
We do not place male Dogue de Bordeaus’s in homes with other male dogs as the breed can be same sex aggressive (not all are, but most are).
If you only want a puppy please do not apply as we rarely get in puppies to rescue. Check out , they can point you to reputable breeders that health test their dogs.
If you want a healthy Dogue de Bordeaux with no medical or emotional issues please re-think about applying for a rescue. Many of our rescues come from shelters, abuse or neglect situations and most of them have some sort of health problem. You should be able to afford vet care costs of at least $500 or more per year for your dogue.
If you cannot afford premium food, appropriate supplements and at least $500 a year in vet care, a Dogue de Bordeaux likely is not for you. When things go wrong with big dogs, vet bills are even bigger. A “typical” knee surgery (TPLO/TTA) on a dog (all breeds) is $3500 and when a dog blows one knee, the other usually happens soon after. This is the most common injury in large/giant breed dogs.
If you expect your rescue Dogue de Bordeaux to get along with all of your neighbors and all of their children and all of the other animals in your neighborhood or dog park – please do not fill out our application – your expectations are unreasonable, please research the breed more.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder – while we think all our rescues are special – if your main objective is to get a Dogue de Bordeaux that must look like an image out of one of the many Dogue de Bordeaux calendars or magazines – please do not fill out our application. Most of the Dogue de Bordeaux that come thru rescue do not look like a polished show dog, some are from puppy mills, most are from back yard breeders, but we love them just the same even though they may not look like that show dog in the calendar or magazine.
We prefer that our dogs go to homes with securely fenced yards. Whether you live in the city or in the country, no dog can be safely left to run “free” without your direct supervision and control. The price of such “freedom” is inevitably injury or death: from automobiles, from Animal Control, or from justifiably irate neighbors. An unfenced Dogue de Bordeaux will be destined for disaster. If your yard is not fenced, we require the dog to be on lead at all times.
Please be advised that we are volunteers. We all have full-time jobs, families, and animals of our own. Many of us work more hours doing rescue work than we do at our full-time jobs. While we make every effort to process applications and return phone calls in a timely manner this may not always happen. Please, be patient with us. Emergency medical calls and calls about the safety of our animals take priority.

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