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Update 9/14/2022

Gus has a pending adoption,

One and a half year old Gus is thriving in his foster home and is ready to be adopted!  

Any future home for Gus will need to be experienced with large working breed dogs. Gus is learning to be less fearful of new surroundings, experiences and people.  He needs an owner who can be patient with him while teaching him to be more confident, as well as providing him continuous ongoing positive training and a consistent routine. 

Gus is allergic to many common foods which we found as a result of allergy testing. His allergies caused him to have bad skin and a sensitive stomach. His adopter will need to follow his strict diet guidelines to avoid causing him to break out in hives and become very itchy and cause an upset stomach.  This means closely reading ingredients on all food and treats and being aware of the expense involved with feeding him his special diet. We also have a special shampoo to help treat his skin irritation and he seems to welcome his spa days with the relief he gets from his baths.

 Gus has improved greatly while being in his foster home and is very sweet natured and eager to please.  He is an adolescent however, and pushes his boundaries so it is very important his new home continues with the positive reinforcement/training to build his confidence while providing the much-needed structure so he can be a happy, well-mannered and well socialized dog. Gus can not be in a home with children, small dogs or cats.  Adopter needs to be within 2-3 hours’ drive of Boston, MA

Gus loves his daily walks and requires at least 2 good, long walks a day.  Therefore, he needs a person who enjoys going for daily walks as much as he does.   

Gus is a sweet, goofy, boy with lots of love to give and will be a great dog for the right person. 

If Gus has touched your heart and you feel that you can meet all his needs to give him the opportunity to live a healthy, happy and safe life please go to our website and complete the adoption application. If you have any questions about Gus please send an email to

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