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Cannon has been ADOPTED!!!

Cannon found his way to Dogue de Bordeaux Rescue after his family had a financial hardship and he and two other Dogue de Bordeaux were surrendered to a shelter.

Cannon has gained ten pounds, and we think another 5-7 should put him where he should be. When we got him his coat was quite thin with flaking skin, and it is thickening a bit.  He looks considerably better.

We have been working on some basic social/family skills that he apparently lacks or forgot.  He has learned not to snap at treats, but to take them gently from your hand.  He knows commands to sit, lay down, stay, come, heel, wait, back up and a few others.  He is great on leash.  If he does pull a simple “slow down” creates some slack in the leash.   He will heel when needed, and  we have worked with him on heeling off leash in the confines of our property.  He did well, clearly responding and understanding the verbal command without the restraint.  He now knows to wait, and will do so until I release him.  He has learned to drop a retrieved ball on command.   If we tell him to go and lay down while we are eating, he does so.  Overall, he if very eager to please, a quick learner, and he doesn’t seem to have the stubborn streak that some Dogue de Bordeaux’s have.

Some fun things about Cannon:

  • He loves to ride in the car, but spends much of that time asleep.
  • He loves to snuggle with the alpha and craves affection.
  • He sticks with me like a glove and waits at the door when I am gone.
  • He eats well and is not picky.
  • Today I learned he howls at loud sirens passing our car.
  • He loves to play stick.
  • He loves to fetch the ball, though four or five times are enough.
  • He loves belly rubs.
  • He tolerates baths, and maybe likes them.
  • He loves to go on walks.
  • He doesn’t seem inclined to run off, and sticks close to home.
  • He works great on a leash.
  • He knows instinctively what is a toy and what is not.
  • Chewing is not an issue.

Some important things to note:

  • He seems to have a strong prey drive with smaller, noisy things, but not all small things.
  • He is not good with little dogs (maybe few dogs).
  • He doesn’t not respond well to any sort of aggression.  (Given his missing canine and other teeth and several scars, we think he has been fighting, perhaps with his son).  He can go from calm to red zone quickly.  The good news is that I can control him around other dogs, and he does respond to my commands.  He sometimes focuses on another dog in a way that may be  pre-aggression, but we can break his focus with a word or tap.
  • He is cautious with strangers.  Introductions should be slow, but he seems to warm up to most people.

Overall he is a great dog and would be a wonderful addition to a family without younger/smaller kids and no other pets.  He is sweet and affectionate.  He would benefit from a strong leader, but would not require someone very dominant.  Some wisdom in working with him in public – around other dogs and kids – is essential: in other words, someone who would be proactive in helping him avoid trigger situations.

All of our rescues are spayed/neutered, up to date on shots and micro chipped before being placed. Completed application and reference/home check required. We do NOT ship or fly rescues as it’s too stressful on them. Please email Pam with any questions.

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