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Dogue de Bordeaux Rescue welcomed Sasyak in August of 2020.

The name Sasyak means he who is perfect. And perfect he is, so incredibly sweet and friends with everyone he meets. 

We do not know about Sasyak’s past or how he became paralyzed, but we will give him a happy and wonderful life. Part of the happy and wonderful life includes a cart.  

Sasyak was seen by a neurologist. The neurologist believes Sasyak likely had a previous intervertebral disc herniated. The disc material is likely scarred down and stuck to his spinal cord, blood supply and surrounding tissue, surgery removing it  would likely cause more harm than good. 

In July of 2021 Sasyak had a large mass on his ear and was diagnosed with soft tissue spindle cell sarcoma, stage 3. He had surgery to remove the mass and is doing well.

In mid-March of 2022 Sasyak had additional tumors removed and was diagnosed with histiocytic sarcoma, an uncommon and very aggressive cancer. His prognosis was guarded to poor. Sadly he passed away on April 1,2022

Sasyak was a beautiful, soul that we had the honor of knowing. Our condolences go to his foster mom and pack and all that loved him from a distance.