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Sometimes, Dogues come into our rescue program and live their life out with us. Meesha was one of those girls. She came to DDBR earlier this year when her owner passed away and the daughter could not keep her (though she did keep in touch with the foster and kept up on her momma’s girl). Meesha wanted for nothing and had always been spoilt and loved not only with her own momma, but with her foster family as well. Shortly after coming into DDBR, Meesha was diagnosed with lymphoma. We opted not to treat with chemo as lymphoma (T-Cell) in DDB’s is always terminal, we did treat with prednisone and were able to get several months of quality time with this beautiful girl. Today (12-28-16) Meesha crossed the rainbow bridge and has been reunited with her momma. Rest easy sweet girl, you were loved by so many people……… Our sincere condolences go out not only to Meesha’s family, but her foster family as well. Without their love and dedication, Meesha and dogs like her, would not have been helped. Thank you!