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March 2014: We are very sad to announce that Larry has passed. We are very thankful to our amazing foster homes who open their homes and hearts to these special dogues. Larry had an amazing life once he came to DDBR and Lone Star Dog Ranch (our volunteers), he was loved, something he never was before coming to rescue. He will be missed by all.

Donations have been received in honor of Larry from:

Lone Star Dog Ranch

Pamela Long

Peggy Shannon

Carolyn Dortch

Joan Moore

** Update on Larry (Formerly Louis in FL)**

Lou is now located in Texas and has been renamed Larry! Below is his update from his foster mom. If you can donate, please do, paypal donations to Thank you!

After spending a few days with Larry and having his entire medical history assessed by our Vet, we have determined that Larry is in very bad shape. He has significant traumatic injuries to his spine, he has very bad hip displaysia.
He is somewhat incontinent because of the partial paralysis in his hind end. He has a history of seizures that have been controlled through medication. He is on pain medication to make him comfortable and he is a happy boy, who loves food and affection. Our vet believes his age to be somewhere in the double digits of 10 or 11.

After going over all of this with the vet we have decided that Larry is going to be what is referred to as a hospice foster. Larry will just live out the remainder of his days on earth with us at the Ranch where he will be loved and cared for as if he were our own.