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Kona passed away at the age of eleven. 12/5/2020

Kona, 9 years old, Heartworm positive
Dekalb, IL

Dogue de Bordeaux Rescue was contacted by a third party about a dog that was living alone on an vacant property in Missouri. We were told the dog was only fed if the women’s son “remembered” to feed him. The son hates the dog and planned to shot him.
We thought this story sounds familiar but didn’t yet have the owners surrender information.
Once we received the owners surrender information we knew why the story seemed familiar.
This owner had already surrendered three (3) adult male DDB to Dogue de Bordeaux Rescue in the last 18 months. Ugh…

In February of 2017 Dogue de Bordeaux Rescue was contacted by a third party about 2 adult DDB, Rascal and Ransom that were living in a barn isolated from each other on a vacant property in Missouri and only being fed if someone “remembered” to go feed them.
Both dogs had limited socialization and had to be treated for heart-worms.

In June of 2017 we were contacted by the owner, she had another male DDB, Rufus that needed a home. Rufus was socialized and appeared to be better cared for than Rascal and Ransom.

These dogs were stud dogs for a breeder and then left behind when no longer needed. This person used these dogs to make money while not giving the dogs basic care.

Where are these dogs now?
All four (4) of them are being cared for by a volunteer family in Illinois that specializes in senior Dogue de Bordeaux. Caring for and feeding four (4) senior dogs is costly. Donations are needed to care for these and other Dogue de Bordeaux in need.