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Sadly our sweet Juliet has crossed the rainbow bridge. Her poor body just could not fight any longer. We tried everything we could to save her but in the end we couldn’t. We take comfort in knowing she experienced love and kindness in her final weeks. We spoiled her, we kissed her and we showed her was love was. We thank everyone for their love, well wishes and donations for her. She enjoyed her cozy bed, treats and toys all things she probably experienced for the first time in her life. We are very sad this is how her story ended but glad we were able to pull her from the shelter before it was too late.  Juliet is with a volunteer foster family receiving hospice care.   June 1 , 2021Dogue de Bordeaux Rescue took in 7 year old Juliet from a NJ shelter. She came to us not feeling very well and is in a hospice foster home in PA. Juliet’s gall bladder is not working properly and is causing her many problems. The next 48-72 hours are critical to see if she responds to treatment. Please keep her in your prayers and send her lots of positive thoughts.Thank you to the volunteers that helped Juliet get from the shelter to her foster home and to the volunteer foster family for taking in this sick girl and giving her a fighting chance. June 3,2021Juliet is responding to treatment, her liver levels have improved but she still has not eaten.She is starting a new medication for her gall bladder. June 4,2021We have some great news…..Juliet has finally eaten! She has had two small meals today. Let’s pray she continues to show improvement. June 8,2021Juliet is doing great! She continues to eat small meals and has gained one pound since her last vet visit. Almost all her liver levels are back in normal range. She will see the vet again next week. June 29,2021Juliet was seen by the vet today. Her blood work came back perfect but she has not gained any weight. 

Donations are always needed to help with rescue dog expenses and vetting. Your tax deductible donation can be sent via PayPal on the below button or checks can be mailed to DDB Rescue, PO Box 270113, Hartford, WI 53027.