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Handsome Man

We Lost an Old One Today

No one really wants them,

The world seems to say.

You’re old, decrepit, faltering,

My God you’re in the way.

Their eyes may be dim with longing,

Of families long ago.

But their tails are slowly wagging

With love they still can show.

Their eyes have gentle wisdom,

And love that is profound.

A quiet, steadfast loving,

For people all around.

Their lives with you are shortened,

By years already lived.

But Old Ones love their families,

With all they have to give.

The world’s a little sadder,

With what we lost too soon,

An Old One from the Rescue,

Walked the Rainbow Bridge at noon.

RIP Handsome Man and all the Old Ones

(Carol Catlett foster Parent)

Mr. Handsome Man is located near DeKalb IL.

Shockingly – someone decided they could not keep their 8 year old boy so they dropped him off at a local shelter. While so many of these beautiful babies don’t even make it to that age – this senior boy got tossed away in his golden years. Handsome Man is now with our rescue and being treated like any elder should – with lots of TLC! He is healthy for his age and is not on any prescription medications. He is house trained, crate trained, is very polite when taking treats, walks well on leash and enjoys car rides. He gets along with female dogs of similar size. All Handsome needs and wants is someone to look after him. He is not overly pushy or needy but he will show you lots of love once he gets used to you. He will not be placed in a home with children under 12 years of age. Cats are unknown. Handsome does take a while to warm up to the family and will only be placed in a home with previous mastiff/molosser experience.