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Heartbroken to announce that DDBR lost Forrest on 5/30/18. Forrest came into DDBR earlier this month from a shelter in Southern California. When we pulled him, he was unable to walk and had complete paralysis in his rear. Within the first couple hours of having him, his Foster Angles removed dozens of ticks and our vet immediately started him on the treatment for tick paralysis. Almost instantly, he started to feel better, was trying to move his legs, was actually using his legs during swim therapy, and he could stand on his own, but could not walk. His improvement would be short and he failed to get any better and started to fail. The vets agree, there was something dramatically wrong, neurologically, with Forrest. His bone structures were ok, but he had very little feeling in his feet, very little feeling in his tail and he started to become incontinent and apparently, lost all feeling in not only his bladder, but his anus as well and he became completely incontinent. This morning, it was clear that Forrest was in pain, our vet told us his body was starting to shut down. Our Foster Angels held him in her arms as he crossed the bridge. Run free sweet Forrest. You were so very loved.
Big hugs to Rod and Dawn who loved Forrest and helped him for these few weeks we had him and Chelsea and family who helped with his vetting and had him for a short while as well.