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We were notified about Fabro, a 10 year old female that was surrendered to a very high kill shelter in Southern California. Emaciated, giant mass on her chest that was broken open and oozing, eyes so goopy she could barely open them. We were able to have a volunteer, Andrea H with Neo Rescue go over and eval her and call me with an update. Poor Fabro, she was much worse than we were told. She was likely riddled with cancer, she had lost all the mass in her head as well and had blue berry sized black eye lid growths, her uterus was hanging out and she could barely walk and required assistance to get up. There really was only one option once we saw the condition she really was in.

So, we put our name on her so we could pull her in the morning. Andrea left the shelter, but just could not bear to leave Fabro there to die alone in a horrible environment. She turned around, went back to the shelter, pulled her, got ahold of our volunteer Erica who met her at TLC veterinary (the same vet that took care of Paul, our desert boy a few years ago). Fabro got a few hours of intense love from Erica and Andrea, and she showed her appreciation by giving them thousands of kisses. Fabro crossed the bridge a few hours later, in the arms of Erica and Andrea, knowing, even if for short time, what love is.


A huge thank you to our volunteers for being with Fabro at the end.


Rest in Peace sweet Fabro, we wish we could have given you more.