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Update: Ethan lost his battle with heart disease November at barely 6 months old. Our hearts go out to Amanda and her family for adopting this wonderful pup.
Ethan (formerly Wrinkles/Morty) has been transferred over to Amanda with Panda Paws Rescue in Vancouver WA who specializes in hospice/special needs rescues. Amanda has officially ADOPTED Ethan, so he will live his life out with an amazing family who will give him everything in the world. Here is Amanda’s update:
Sweet Ethan boy has finally arrived! Right out the gate we went to see the incredible Dr. Gary Wood who is one of the best Cardiologists to have an echocardiogram done. Our findings today were pretty grim… he has severe SubAortic Stenosis… as suspected & possible Pulmonary Stenosis as well. I will convert our findings to easy to understand terms. Basically, his heart valves are very narrowed & are continuing to narrow at a rapid pace. He has weak valves & back flow of de-oxygenated blood in his heart. For an example of severity one of the measured levels within his heart was at 231 (while SLEEPING). The average, healthy dog has a level of 12 (while ALERT/ACTIVE). It is bad…. his time is drastically limited & there isn’t anything we can do to fix him.
Aside from his heart he has double eyelid entropion. We obviously cannot put him under anesthesia to fix these so we will tack them down with skin staples. He will look a little “scary” or “Frankenstein” but it will relieve his eyes of persistent pain – which is more important than how he looks.
So what’s next?! Well, our family is OFFICIALLY adopting Ethan! He will live with us lifelong no matter how many days that adds up to! We do know that when he dies it will be sudden. Commonly they are running, wrestling or playing when suddenly they drop dead. He’s already 4 months old so we have a LOT of puppy adventure to cover!!