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We try to post positive pieces and available dogs in our program, but every once in a while, we pull a dog out of a shelter or situation that is just truly heart wrenching and the only humane thing to do is to have the dog put to sleep. Yesterday was one of those days. We were informed about a female ddb that we could NOT say “no” to. She was in a shelter, but had been found wondering the streets. We were told that she was a stray, and that per state law, they could not immediately put her to sleep, even though she was suffering. She was in the final stages of lymphoma, had stopped eating, had dropped down to 44 pounds (yes, you read that right, 44 pounds). Her organs were failing. So, one of our amazing volunteers went to the shelter and with the help of another rescue who is allowed to pull “medical” cases, Miss Doe was pulled. Our volunteer took her home, laid with her (cuddled her until they both fell asleep), then took her to the vet to see if she was really as bad as the shelter said (and as bad as she looked). Of course, she was just as bad as we were told, end stage cancer with organ failure. She left this world knowing she was loved in the arms of our rescue volunteer. Even if only for a few hours, Doe was truly loved and cherished by ALL of us. Doe’s ashes will remain with her foster mom, who will hold her in her heart for eternity, just as though she spent a lifetime loving her.