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Young Juna found her way to Dogue de Bordeaux Rescue in late January of 2021. Juna was diagnosed with global fear. Basically a fear of everyday benign things (in her case, people in general, cars, toys… she pretty much spends the majority of her time hiding). This occurs due to lack of socialization during the critical window (3-12weeks of age). We will never know her past, but some possibilities include being raised in a barn or basement, or being born stray and never interacting with people. . It was 2 months before her foster parents saw her wag her tail, she would refuse to come out of her crate or walk outside, and once outside, would refuse to come in if she thought they were around. She would alligator roll when leashed, and used to scatter and run or cower if her foster parent entered the room. Now she will comfortably go in and out to the backyard, does zoomies and plays with the other dogs, and will even go for pack walks around the neighborhood (although hesitantly). Our goal for Juna is that she will be comfortable and happy in every day life, because at the end of the day, living in fear is not a good quality of life. We by no means expect her to ever be a social butterfly, or comfortable in busy public places (think parks, beaches, markets etc), but she deserves to feel comfortable in her own home… and that is our hope for her.