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It’s days like today that just rip your heart out. One of the many Hospice dogues that DDBR has is failing. Unable to be spayed because of not only heart disease, but severe lung disease, she developed pyometra. At almost 12 years old, coupled with her other health conditions, she’s not very likely to make it through the $2800 plus surgery. Through a tearful conversation with her foster mom, the decision was made to have her put down….. She will be taken home and the vet will come out shortly to put her down. Our foster is absolutely devastated. I am sitting at my desk, balling my head off for a dog I have never met……. My heart breaks for my foster home……..
Below are a couple of pictures, the first is the day she came into rescue at just 72 pounds, and the second is after being in Kim’s home for a year. This, this right here is what DDBR does. We have an amazing group of volunteers who open their homes to dogues in need. DDBR could not do this without them fostering and donor support. If you would like to make a donation in Coco’s honor, it would be greatly appreciated and will help us cover her expenses, paypal can be sent to Thank you for your continued support.
Coco girl, rest easy sweetheart, you are so very loved…

What can we say about Coco. Weighing only 72 pounds, partially bald, grade 3 heart murmur, anemic, nails so long she could barely walk, filthy, and her abdomen full of fluid is how Coco came into DDBR. Coco’ initial vetting has been donated, but continuing vetting will be DDBR’s responsibility. Can you help us help her?

Coco is in a hospice home with our treasurer. She is doing well, but has strange episodes almost like a pyometra where she starts bleeding, then has pus like infection drain, then she is fine again. Since Coco is almost 11 and in heart failure, she is much too old and weak to handle a spay surgery, so she will live her life out with Kim.