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Sadly, Chuck could not overcome the issues he had upon coming into Rescue and has crossed the bridge.

Chuck is a 3-4 year old male who came into DDBR from a high kill shelter in Florida. He is located near Orlando. Chuck came to us at the end of July, 2015 and since, we have been dealing with his health issues trying to get him healthy to be adopted. At this point (December, 2015), it does not look like Chuck is adoptable as he has the following issues:

Chuck has a very strange disease in his ears (it’s actually a doggy venereal disease, but it’s in his ears and causes tumors in the ear canal and on the ear flap).

Chuck has a large mass in his abdomen and one on his heart. This is by far the worst of his issues. It will likely kill him. We are not sure at this point if it’s cancer, but likely, with the tumor on the heart as well, it’s most likely hemangiocarcinoma. We have started a fund raiser for Chuck to help keep him comfortable and to cover what we have already spent (well over our adopt fee). If you can help, please do.