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DDBR is crushed that we lost Callie. She started going down hill and the only kind thing to do was let her go. Thank you Mari for opening your home and heart to this sweet, sweet girl. Rest well precious.

Callie is an 8 year old female in St. Louis. She is up to date on everything, spayed, microchipped. When Callie came into DDBR, she was obese and had some kidney/bladder issues going on. She still has the ongoing bladder issues and she has some hip dysplasia. Callie also has severe allergies and will be on allergy meds for her lifetime. Callie is comfortable for the most part, but is now showing more “old dog health issues” such as leaky bladder, arthritis and such. Callie will likely live her life out with DDBR’s foster home. We have had Callie for over a year now,  and her vetting has cost us over $2300 in 2014, not including almost $600 from 2013. We have a fund raiser going to help recoup some of these expenses.