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This beautiful, six week old Dogue de Bordeaux puppy was put in a cardboard box and left on a strangers porch. The puppy could not walk, he just laid on his tummy.
The person that found him believed he had swimmers syndrome and had his legs hobbled. When hobbled one of his front legs would swell and he would try to chew the tape off. When we were given pictures of the puppy we thought maybe there was something in addition to swimmers but no worries we will get this guy the vet care he needs to have a happy, good quality of life. We thought he might not walk perfect or if he needed a cart that wasn’t the end of the world, he can still have a great life.
Our volunteer picked up the puppy. He was a sweet, happy puppy that didn’t know there was anything wrong. Our volunteer took him home for the night and then to the vet the next day to develop a treatment plan. His x-rays showed more than we could of ever imagined.
He had a hernia in his diaphragm, so his organs were not held in place, metastasis cells in his stomach, no hip sockets, one shoulder socket, we think that’s why the leg swelled from the hobbling. He was trying to chew the tape off because he was in pain.
We couldn’t fix him, he would never be able to walk and then add the other issues. With this information the decision was made to have him put to sleep. Our volunteer held him and loved him as he took his last breath.
We loved him, we named him Finn.
Even though we only knew him a couple of days he will be in our hearts forever.