With great sadness we share Ava, a long term foster has passed away. Dogue de Bordeaux Rescue sends our condolences to Ava’s family. We are sorry for your loss.
Below is a note from Ava’s family.
It’s been 15 days since we had to say goodbye to our dear Ava. We are both very grateful to Dogue de Bordeaux Rescue, Inc. for choosing us as her foster parents.
She came from a horribly negligent and abusive “home” where she was housed in a barn with 15 other mastiff breeds whose sole purpose was to reproduce puppies for profit.
The rescue saved her(and all of the others), treated every one of her medical conditions including removing mammary tumors and broken teeth but her heart was enlarged on one side causing fluid to build up. We had it drained it twice but the second time wasn’t as effective.
We watched her bloom and the once fearful, timid dog picked up toys to toss in the air, climbed in the car on her own, loved bacon cheeseburgers without the bun and would seek our affection incessantly. I hope that’s all she remembers… the time spent with us. 💔
Carla & John

Ava came to us when she was about 5 years old. She was one of 15 dogs that had been saved from horrible circumstances – all dogs had been kept in a barn for breeding purposes. Ava was very timid but she is tried her best to come around and we know in time she would. She had a heart issue and her mammary tumor.

We are so thankful for our foster homes. Without a foster Ava would not be given the chance to find out how special a real home can be.