Dee Dee

Dee Dee (formerly Delilah) was a 3 year old female who was surrendered to a shelter when her owners could not care for her.  We pulled her and immediately got her to our vet, we knew she was in bad shape, but we still though she would be coming home with us. What we discovered once we got her to the vet is:

Severe, grade 6 murmur (none of her heart valves sounded normal).

Fluid buildup in her abdomen (probably from the heart condition)

Liver was starting to failing and she was in renal failure

Severe neglect and emaciation, she had no muscle tone at all

Severe spondelosis in her spine and her hips were so bad that they were “frozen” and could not move easily

Severe skin issues plus bilateral eye and ear infections

Several fractured teeth

Her white blood cell count was off the charts…

Our vet thought she was also likely riddled with cancer as the x-rays showed suspicious areas in her abdomen

Less than 4 hours after pulling her from the shelter, as she was being set up for fluids, she collapsed and became unresponsive. We opted to put her down and not let her suffer, she had suffered far to long in the hands of whomever neglected her…. Rest easy sweet Dee Dee, you were loved, even if for a short time.