The hardest part about rescuing dogs is the ones you get that are too late to be saved, sometimes all you can do is hug them tight as they cross over. RIP sweet baby Jane, sorry we could not do more to help you but you are in a better place now… Jane came to DDBR in complete organ failure. She had been a stray for many months. Full blown demodex, secondary skin infections, emaciated and in end stage heart/organ failure.



Nala was a senior DDB who’s found herself in rescue through no fault of her own, twice! First time, she came to us at 10 years old, in horrid shape, with a giant tumor hanging off her chest. The second  time, two years later at 12 years old, her adoptive mom could no longer handle Nala’s vetting and could not bring herself to put Nala down. So, Nala came back to Rescue and was only with us for a week. It was pretty clear she was near the end, she had a large, hemangiosarcoma that was ready to rupture and had spread to her organs, it was only a matter of time. Thank you so much to the Morrill family for loving her in her final week and realizing the kindest thing to do would be to let he go.