Rosie in NV


Rosie is a young female ddb located near Gerlach, NV, which is about two hours north of Reno. She is a fantastic dog and should be highly adoptable given that she loves all humans, but is dog selective with female dogs. She needs regular attention and training/discipline to teach her some manners. Rosie is about a year, maybe 1.5 years old and is fully vetted including spay, heartworm test, microchip and she has the Wisdom DNA profile completed that shows she is a purebred ddb and is clear for several genetic diseases. Rosie came into another rescue in horrible condition, emaciated, scared and only about 60 pounds. She was adopted out and was very much loved, but did not do well with the other dogs in the home and injured one of them severely. The other rescue group asked DDBR to help. Here is what we have observed about her and think about her ideal home:

  • She is physically and mentally strong. She responds very well to human instruction and learns quickly. She’s smart. A non-alpha human will find her taking over (e.g., she decides some items are toys when they are not, needs direction).
  • She is a total love bug. Super affectionate and loves cuddling on the couch and bed. Loves belly rubs, ecstatic to see us when we come home.
  • She loves her toys and loves playing catch.
  • She is intensely curious and loves to be with her humans. Follows us around everywhere.
  • She is food motivated, great for training. She loves eating ice cubes!
  • She is also completely distracted by food and needs to learn manners. In just the time we have had her, she is doing better with training.
  • Needs leash training as she pulls a bit sometimes. But generally great on walks.
  • I think she may have some minor allergies and will be examined by a vet. We cleaned her ears and they were very sensitive. Her eyes are itchy and sometimes red. 
  • Crate trained and knows how to use the dog door.
  • She is house trained.
  • Needs exercise as she has lots of energy.
  • She and her Foster brother are getting along well. He is mostly indifferent to her (as he is with most dogs). He is too old to play with her so I cannot comment on that. She was turned over to rescue because Rosie may not be able to tell the difference between real growling and play growling. I keep them separated when I am at work, but when at home they are together and they do great. She has had mixed reactions with female dogs in my neighborhood. Interactions have only been through fences, sometimes she barks and lunges, sometimes she is wagging her tail. I think she can get along with other dogs, with the right training and human oversight. For this reason and others in her first adoptive home, Rosie will not be placed with female dogs.
  • If she was around another dog that is young and that she gets along with, she would love play time. And loves human play time.
  • Guard dog instincts. Barks at anyone who walks by. My neighbors tell me she barks at them, but does not bark otherwise (as in not barking all day).
  • She has a kink in her tail, possibly broken? Does not bother her at all.
All of our rescues are spayed/neutered, up to date on shots and micro chipped before being placed. Completed application and reference/home check required. We do NOT ship or fly rescues as it’s too stressful on them. For additional info on any of the dogs in this region, please email Kris at

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