Paul’s Story

The Story of Paul, now Junior

While we don’t know Paul’s whole story, we do know at one point, someone loved him as he has impeccable manners, he knows all the basics such as sit, stay, heel, come, down and even shake. Paul, formerly known as Lawrence of Arabia, was found wondering in a Southern California desert on February 21, 2011. The wonderful shelter put him on fluids and contacted us. His release date was Feb 25, so we secured a foster home with previous adopter, Gina, who had adopted Sidney through us years before, and made arrangements to have him picked up by our volunteer Erica. He was then transported to Erica’s veterinarian and blood work was ran, heart worm test was done and abdominal x-rays were complete, showing he had a blockage. Paul was placed on IV fluids with antibiotics and enzymes to hopefully help his kidney values improve. The whole staff at the vet fell head over heels for him as he is just the sweetest thing, craving love and attention with perfect manners.

On Saturday, Feb 26, Paul’s obstruction had not moved, so he was then transported over to a specialty Vet center to be scoped and possibly have surgery to remove the obstructions. Paul likely would not have been able to handle a surgery where he would be cut open, he only weighed 54 pounds, his skin clung to his bones. But, his heart was good, his blood work looked great except for his kidney values, which had improved from the day before. Thankfully, the amazing Dr. Bianco and staff were able to get all of the stuff Paul had ate trying to survive the cruel desert, out of his intestines with the use of the scope! Out of Paul was pulled a couple of towels, other fabric, plastic, cellophane, styrofoam, sting and other items. They were also able to tack Paul’s stomach to prevent torsion, all using the scope! We would like to thank the staff and owners of the clinics for donating the surgery to save Paul’s life!

Paul will be going to his foster home with Gina. Since he was a starved dog, he currently has the compulsion to try to eat everything (toys, blankets, whatever he can get his mouth on). We are hoping he will be able to over come this compulsion.





He is getting stronger and stronger each day. He is putting on weight. The vet staff is doing an amazing job. We will continue to update this page and our facebook page with Paul’s recovery.





Paul, one week after surgery, is doing fantastic! He will be going to his foster mom this week. Can you believe it, he has put on 10 pounds already!!!!! He knows his routine, he has his admirers who come and visit him at the clinic. He is blossoming!!!!!

If you would like to donate to help Paul, donation can be sent to  , or you can mail a check to DDB Rescue, 7160 Goodrich Highway, Oakland, OR 97462 .

Thank you to all who have helped Paul and donated towards his recovery!!!

Paul is now in a foster home and is blossoming. He is gaining weight everyday. He is such a happy, happy boy, always has a tail wag and kisses for everyone. He also has a new name as his foster just can’t seem to call him Paul, so he is now Junior! We think it fits him very well. Junior is starting to become a real dog and loves to play and get cuddles and belly rubs. We were hoping that the owners of TLC would be adopting him, but Junior is not the right dog for their home, they would need a female to fit with their Boxer. He will be looking for his forever home soon!


Today is one month since we were informed of this boy. Since then, he has done absolutely amazing. He has recovered from his surgery to remove all the blockages. He is gaining weight like a champ, he is continuing to blossom each day. He is, in short, a miracle. The DDB Rescue would like to thank all those at TLC and VSV for all their hard work to save this boy!



Junior has been with us just over 7 weeks, he is really starting to fill out and look like a ddb! He is finally healthy enough for his neuter and will be ready for his new forever home soon! We are accepting applications for this wonderful boy!




Junior has an adoption pending! He will be going to his new home first week of June! This amazing boy has come so very far! From 54 pounds, so emaciated he was almost lost forever, to a healthy 100 plus pound bouncy boy! Though he has separation anxiety, he is doing awesome! He is a miracle! Thank you to all those who helped and donated to his recovery, we could not have done it without you!






Junior finished his final vetting with us (Neuter, vaccinations, micro chip) and as gone to his new forever home with a fabulous new dad! Separation anxiety is gone, he no longer tries to eat everything (unless it’s food), he is thriving! He has been renamed Bohdi and he and his dad are inseparable, a perfect match. We couldn’t be more pleased at the outcome!

Thank you to everyone who donated, assisted or in some way helped this boy! Erica and Gina (his fosters) a huge thank you goes out to you both and the staff at TLC and Dr. Bianco for all of their care and love.


March 2012

Sadly, just over a year after his rescue, after much hard work, training and investments into Bodhi, it was discovered he had something drastically wrong in his brain (tumor or some misfirings). He would be fabulous one minute, then the next, he would be uncontrollable. DDB Rescue and Bodhi’s adoptive dad tried everything. Extensive training, one on one sessions with animal behaviorists, extensive medical workups and medication. The hard decision was made to let him go. Our desert boy will remain in our hearts forever. Thank you again to everyone who helped Bodhi in some way and especially to Derek,  Bodhi’s dad….