2006 DDBS Rescue Summary

In the year 2006 the DDBS has taken in the most DDB it has ever had to. We took a total of 90 Dogue de Bordeaux into our rescue program and probably either denied or was unable to help just as many inquiries if not more due to the lack of foster home availability. That is 46 more rescues from the 44 DDB that were done in all of 2005. We “Listed to Place” 10 other dogs for owners and other rescues in order to assist these dogs to get into good homes (Thank you Jodi from AB rescue and others).

2006 marks the first year we received a pregnant female who whelped 7 DDB/Bullmastiff pups while in foster. The pups even though mixed found terrific homes through our rescue program. Special thanks to Lee Kelly for whelping/raising these pups for us. We also received a litter of 6 pups at just 9 weeks of age that the breeder was not experienced enough to sell.

As well as in past years, in 2006 we received our share of owner surrenders.

Surrendered for reasons such as: we’re moving, divorce, not healthy and can’t breed, my son brought home and won’t take care of, two male dogs don’t get along, has demodex, etc. These are only some of the very reasons I have gotten this year alone. Why can’t dogues travel with the family when they move? If you can bring the kids and the couch, why not the dogue? Many of these excuses can be clear red flags to the breeder who sold these dogues if they had only devoted more research in the people they are selling the dogues to. The breeders of DDB need to be more stringent on who they are selling to and ensure that the pups are going to the very best of homes. When someone is inquiring about a pup that they hope to breed they should be even more scrutinized to ensure that they know what the responsibilities are of breeding dogues and that their intentions are for the love of bettering the breed. Selling to every Tom, Dick and Harry with $2000 is not doing them, the dog, the owners or the breed any justice. It only hurts everyone involved. The temperament of the DDB is essential.

This needs to be clear to the potential puppy buyer and should be discussed that as pets it is essential that the pups are properly socialized with animals and people and with the assistance of a professional preferably. You’re only kidding yourself and risking the pup you are selling if you do not discuss this thoroughly. The DDB is a people oriented breed and it is necessary for them to be around people. No dog deserves to be penned up outside in the weather elements but this will surely make a DDB crazy if it cannot interact with people. Again, better home placements by the breeders and more homework done by the puppy buyers will make a world of difference. Again, I cannot emphasize more that responsible breeders must begin to microchip every puppy they produce and make sure their name is on those pups when they leave their homes and they can list the new owners as the secondary contact. That way you know exactly when any of your pups are lost, stolen or dumped in a shelter. Don’t rely on the new owners to do it…thats just not responsible enough. Thank you all who have supported rescue this past year and I can only hope that more will get proactive in all aspects of the breed and this club. In closing, here are some more statistics of last year’s rescue program that may or may not be of interest to you.

Total number of dogues in program 2006: 90

Dogues successfully found homes: 73

Dogues still to be adopted from 2006: 9

Dogues still to be adopted from 2004: 0

Dogues euthanized for health reasons: 6

Dogues euthanized for temperament reasons: 2

Dogues who Bloated (Gastric Torsion) while in foster: 1

Males in program: 45

Females in program: 45

Red masks: 76

Black masks: 7

DDB mix (pups whelped): 7 Youngest dogue in program: whelped while in foster

Some of the health situations we treated this year besides abuse, starvation and neglect:

  • Localized and Generalized Demodex mange (and secondary infections caused byit)
  • Heartworm
  • Other misc. worms (round, whip, hook)
  • Heart problems (Aortic Stenosis, Cardiomyapathy, others)
  • Cherry eye
  • Entropion
  • Ectropion
  • Benign cysts
  • Allergies Luxating patellas
  • Hip dysplasia
  • OCD
  • Recovering from FHO

In loving memory to those we lost this year, may there have been a better world for you:

  • Fearless
  • Boss
  • Luke
  • Tanner
  • Faith
  • Hooch, TX
  • Megara
  • Goofy
  • Buddy

Thank you all for your time and consideration.