Sheldon’s Story

 June 12, 2012, Sheldon arrived into rescue in extremely bad shape……  He was pulled from a home near Houston TX for this extreme neglect. He is emaciated, has demodex and secondary infections from it. He has started his vetting and we will update everyone on his progress.

Poor boy, he only weighs around 50 pounds, he should be around 110-120. His nails were overgrown to the point of starting to curl under. His eyes were crusty, his ears are a mess. He is very happy to have 5 (or more) small meals a day and is constantly looking for more. So far, he has been FABULOUS with the other dogs in his foster home, especially the little Doxy’s. He craves attention……   You can tell just from how he wants to constantly touch that he hasn’t had much human contact, and he doesn’t care if it’s people or other dogs that are touching him.

On June 26, 2012- Rescue received information that there may be another ddb at the same address Sheldon was found at. So, our wonderful volunteers hopped in the car and headed over. Once there, they were told that there was a female living under the house and that animal control was unable to catch her. Seems these people had been trying to get both Sheldon, and this female to Animal Control, but they A/C was unable to catch them for months….. So, Cindy and Deb tried to catch the female. Within a few minutes, she was on leash and ready to head “home”.


Cindy and Deb have named her Amy Farrah Fowler, a perfect match for our Sheldon Cooper.

 Thankfully, Amy Farrah isn’t in nearly as bad of shape as Sheldon, but unfortunately, she is also heavy heartworm positive. At this time, we don’t know if either will make it through heartworm treatment, but we have to try, they are both just so loving, so gentle, so sweet and so very thankful to be rescued.

Sheldon had a mild setback, he developed an ulcer on his eye. He is doing better, but will be going to the opthamologist beginning of August to check the progress.

Amy was spayed and is finally starting to gain weight at a quicker pace. She is almost ready to start her heartworm treatment!

One of our awesome volunteers, who owns a petstore and has numerous connections in the pet industry has been busy making calls on behalf of Sheldon and Amy,  here is Sheldon getting the news that the local Merrick Rep is going to sponsor he and Amy with bags of food!!!!!  As you can see, Sheldon is very thankful that Tom is helping! We are very honored to get this food support! You rock Tom!! Thank you!

9/12- Amy has started her heartworm treatment and seems to be doing very well with it. We decided to go the holistic route to treat the heartworms because the last dog we treated traditional didn’t do very well and got extremely ill.

10/09/12- Since day one, Sheldon’s blood work showed renal failure. We were hoping this was just from the severe emaciated state he came to us in. But it hasn’t improved. He is in Chronic Renal Failure and it’s getting worse. We are losing him….. His foster is crushed, everyone is crushed….. He is comfortable, but if he becomes uncomfortable, we will do what is best for him.

10/10/12- It’s with a heavy heart we announce the passing of Sheldon. he passed peacefully, on his own, in his favorite spot. His body failed him. Amy is extremely sad, but is starting to come around. She will be available for adoption in December.


We are currently accepting donations to help dogues like Sheldon and Amy. There are always special needs dogues that need rescue and we have had numerous this year alone that have helped drain our finances. Donations can be sent to:

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