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Bruiser Update: Sadly, Bruiser’s aggression became too much to handle. He was a danger to not only other animals, but to people as well as he would fixate and become enraged. Bruiser was humanely euthanized.

Bruiser is 2 yr old neutered male located in Vidalia GA. We have been trying to get him used to the name Bruiser as he came into DDBR with the name Butch (but we already have a Butch in Rescue right now!). He still seems so devastated about losing his family. He quickly took to our foster family. He is very affectionate and tries to get between the woman of the home and whatever else he sees as a threat. Whether it be a dog or a person. He is quite serious about that to. He is not good with other dogs and would probably not be good with cats so best if he goes to a home as an only dog. He is very protective though almost overly protective. We think training will help and once he is comfortable in his forever home that this protectiveness will subside. He is super active and would be best with an active family.