Billy Roles

In loving memory of Billy Roles who was adopted as Shirley from the DDBS rescue in Paris, Ontario in December of 2003 at 1 year of age.  Billy was the most gentle, loving and happy dogue and was our best friend.  Billy lived in many places including British Columbia, London, Brantford and Sudbury, Ontario, always adjusting easily as long as she was with those she loved.  Billy had many nick names including, sunshine, princess, Billy girl, little miss, sweet sweet treasure, honey bear, muffin, monkey, baby girl, sweat pea, precious and pups. Billy loved going for walks at the park, swimming (once coaxed in slowly), eating cookies and sleeping on her couch and various blankets, always lying close to those she loved.

Billy was a tough cookie and overcame many obstacles, beginning with severe allergies at a young age.   She was a cancer survivor which included surgery, chemotherapy and weeks of radiation treatment, she survived bloat twice, a throat surgery, gland removals, cardiac abnormalities, Cushing’s, pancreatitis, and an unknown cause of muscle wasting.  Billy was cared for by some of the best veterinarians and staff possible in Ontario mainly by Dr. Larry Hoscheit and his team at Val Caron Animal Hospital, the Ontario Veterinary College in Guelph, the Veterinary Emergency Clinic in Toronto, the Alta Vista Animal Hospital in Ottawa and various emergency and traditional and non-traditional clinics throughout Ontario.  Despite all of these difficulties, Billy was always able to recover quickly and enjoy life to the fullest.  Her resiliency was nothing short of amazing.

Billy passed away peacefully on October 5th 2012 at almost 10 years of age with both of her parents present.  Billy was loved by everyone she met and we were so lucky to have so many years with her.  She now joins her Dogue de Bordeaux “brother” Brutus who passed in 2006 and they are now running together again in heaven.  Words cannot describe how much she is loved and missed by her parents, family and friends.

Our love is with you always,

Mom and Dad (Stacey Roles and Brian Joblin)