Samson & Delilah, CA Courtesy Post

Courtsey Post

Meet Samson & Delilah!

These two beauties were found running stray in the mountains. Both were in horrible condition from severe neglect. Delilah has been over bred and mistreated. She is very timid  but will come around slowly with a patient person willing to give her the time she needs to come out of her shell. Samson is very out going, loves everyone and is playful. Both are great dogs, even our vet says they are some of the sweetest dogs he has ever met. They are definitely a bonded pair and need to be placed together. Delilah is very dependent on Samson. These guys deserve an awesome life, better than their past. Both are approximately 4-5 years old, fixed, chipped, and current on all routine vaccinations. If you would like more information on Samson & Delilah please call (866) Pal-4-Life  or e-mail us at