Ruby Conway

You were my teacher and my guardian. You were my friend. The most loyal being I will ever know… You lived to do right. You watched me with knowing eyes even when I did not know myself. You taught me strength in life and in just being. You were strong and poweful and female. You were the boss, but you were also forgiving. You were my dog… But also my partner, I was your human… I am just one of your humans. You raised my girls and were my most trusted guard. You loved Steve before I knew I did, you made me think… You still make me think. You were the exception to every rule… But such a rule follower, “Ruby” was your name for your glorious red color and your passion for life You were ours, our Ruby Tuesday And we were yours. Thanks “Rub” for allowing us to watch you age so gracefully and so peacefully. Go now old girl… You always lived to be a mother, it was your greatest role in life … Go now and find your kiddos that already wait for their Mom and I will see you again. I’ll always remember everything you taught me, Good Bye Ruby Tuesday…
Ruby was loved by Chelsea, Steve, Sutton and Larkyn Conway
A generous donation in Ruby’s memory was made by Christine and Rob Kopp