Roxy Cote

Roxanne Cote

Roxy was my first Bordeaux and she showed me how truly special a breed this is.  She was so strong…yet so gentle.  Her last couple years were a struggle, but she never gave up.  For that she is an inspiration.  She would light up whenever she saw you and wanted nothing more than to give everyone she met some kisses.  Roxy was my rock, a stubborn bitch through and through I always said, but she could do no wrong.  I had her in my life for nearly 10 years, and for that I am truly grateful.  She was a wonderful big sister to her brother, Augustus, and was sure good at keeping him in line.  He adored her, just like we all did.   And now we remember our Roxy Munchkin fondly and may she rest in peace.

Michelle Cote