Rooster in OR

Rooster has been adopted!!!!!!!

Located in The Dalles Oregon, Rooster came into DDBR when his owner could not deal with his health issues. He was purchased to breed, but has mild SAS heart disease, he has bilateral entropian (eye lid issues) and he has a disease where his baby teeth did not fall out which has required surgery to remove them. Rooster also has allergies that we were able to get under control fairly easy just by putting him on a high quality food. His owner didn’t want to spend any more money on him, so, surrendered him to rescue as his breeder in Colorado would not take him back and stopped communicating with the owner. We completed his vetting, got him neutered, got his eyes fixed and got the retained teeth extracted. Thankfully, the heart disease is not bad enough yet that we were able to do this. Rooster is a very sweet boy, very eager to please. He is learning what it’s like to be a house dog.

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