Poppy in MN

We are THRILLED to announce that for her 9th Birthday, Poppy has been adopted!!!!!

Poppy is an 8 year old female that we pulled out of a puppy mill auction. Her owner had been closed down by the USDA for numerous violations, he sold all of his dogs at auction. So, our VP Pam, immediately sprung into action and went to the auction and secured the purchase of her. We were told she may have been bred to a Cane Corso. Once we won the auction, back on the road to MN with the precious cargo. We got Poppy immediately into the vet and had her senior panel done as well as getting her spayed (she was NOT pregnant) and we had some mammary tumors removed. It’s very, very likely that the mammary tumors are cancerous and if so, has likely spread already. The day we got Poppy, she was very much a shut down dog. She had only known a life of living in a kennel, with no human interaction or love. Those days are over sweet girl, you hit the jackpot! She is starting to really blossom and come out of her shell. She is loving living at Pam’s home with her new brother, DDBR Alum Cassius. 

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