Policy Letter

Dear Prospective Dogue de Bordeaux Owner:

Thank you for your interest in adopting a Bordeaux through the Dogue de Bordeaux Rescue, Inc. We request a donation of $450.00 for a Bordeaux of any age. Price may be negotiable depending on the Dogues health and age. Additional donations to the program are gratefully and gladly accepted.

The dogs that become available for adoption are dogs that are referred to the Rescue, if for any reason, they are homeless and the breeder cannot be located. Usually they range from one to eight years of age. These dogs come from a variety of circumstances, including animal shelters.

When a Bordeaux is released to the Rescue, it is taken to a veterinarian for a medical check up if not already done at the shelter. If necessary vaccinations not given at the shelter, this to will be arranged for. The dog’s temperament is evaluated and we attempt to locate any past history of the dog. All dogs are neutered or spayed before release to their new home.

Many times Bordeaux are not readily available for adoption, this is good news because it means that this ancient breed is being well cared for. The bad news is your wait may be longer than you had hoped. Certain areas of the country, we lack volunteers and the need for rescue is high. Other areas of the country, the rescue need is low. Please be patient with the program, you will not be forgotten. All prospective adoptive homes will be in a main database maintained by the Rescue Coordinator.

The rescue strives to bring together Bordeaux and families in the same geographical area in order to keep transportation costs to a minimum. They should be within a reasonable driving distance. We do not ship/fly rescues or transport across country as it is often too stressful on them.

We are looking for permanent loving homes where the Bordeaux will receive top quality care. These Dogues need a special place where they will be appreciated as a companion dog and part of the family, but please keep in mind a Bordeaux is not the breed for everyone.

Please refer to the Dogue de Bordeaux Club if America  for in-depth information on the breed.

In order to be considered as an adoptive home, you must complete our adoption application. This can be done on line or printed and mailed to DDB Rescue, 7160 Goodrich Highway, Oakland, OR 97462.

Thank you for considering a rescued Dogue de Bordeaux

DDB Rescue Coordinator

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