Newman in OH

Newman is being adopted by his foster family once he completes his vetting.

Newman, 8 weeks, Male located in Cleveland, Ohio
This little nugget is 8 week old Newman. Today he is a happy puppy but he has had a traumatic life.
This is what we know of his life.
At approximately 3 to 3 1/2 weeks the man that owned the litter of puppies thinking the runt would be better off dead drowned the puppy in the toilet bowl and left the puppy for dead. The mans girlfriend revived the puppy but didn’t think the puppy would live.
The next day the man sold the puppy for $400. He instructed the person that bought the puppy to feed the puppy Puppy Chow soaked in water. The puppy didn’t know how to eat so he cried and cried from hunger. The person forced the water from the Puppy Chow mix down the puppies throat. After 4 days of this the person called a family member for help.
That family member took the now 4 week old puppy to a rescue in Ohio that specializes in whelping litters for area shelters.
The rescue immediately took the puppy to the vet to make sure he didn’t aspirate from the water being forced down his throat and then a second visit for neurological testing because of the drowning. At 4 weeks he weighed 1.3 pounds. He should of weighed 3-6 pounds at that age.
The puppy was then fostered with another litter of puppies for 4 weeks.
He was feed a high quality food and raw goats milk. He is now at a healthy weight.
The rescue contacted Dogue de Bordeaux Rescue to help place the puppy in a forever home.
Newman is now in a Dogue de Bordeaux Rescue foster to adopt home
Newman’s family has adopted from and fostered for us in the past.

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