Dogue de Bordeaux Rescue was founded on July 24, 1997, with a dogue named Meg who needed to be rescued. She was found by a NY shelter wandering the streets and was picked up by a Dogue de Bordeaux Rescue Rescue member, Bridgette Antonocci-Milano, brought to MA by Anna Reich and Tammy Hickey, and fostered for a month with Tammy. She was adopted by Jeri Arledge, and lived happily and content during her last year. Meg paved the way for the many Dogues de Bordeaux who have been abused, abandoned, and unloved with what would eventually become the Dogue de Bordeaux Rescue.

Since that time, Dogue de Bordeaux Rescue has gone through some major changes. From being a 501(c)7 under the wing of the Dogue de Bordeaux Society, to being it’s own separate entity called the Dogue de Bordeaux Rescue with 501(c)3 charitable status. From being a smaller group of fanciers of the breed that handled a few dozen dogues a year to a large group of volunteers who assist several hundred dogues a year and needing more volunteers to assist the ever growing number of rescued dogues who need our help. From having one director handling the whole country, to having a Board of Directors and Regional Directors each handling a region of the country. To having it’s own full blown committees to handle different aspects of rescue such as fund raising, ways n means, events, website, facebook, petfinder, foster home mentoring and breed education.

Our objective and mission has not changed since Meg, to Rescue, Rehabilitate and Rehome Dogues de Bordeaux in need and to educate the general public on this magnificent breed, the Dogue de Bordeaux.

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