Max in CA

Max has been adopted!!!!!!

Max is located near Huntington Beach, CA

Max is a 4 year old (dob 03/02/13), healthy neutered male. He has lived with his family including young children and a small Yorkie that rules the roost. Max is in good condition but needs to find a home because the owner is moving and cannot find a home that will accept pets and currently the house they are renting is being sold and they had to move out abruptly. Max is good with kids but can be territorial and sometimes try to dominate other dogs. Max lives with a small Yorkie that dominates Max, though. Max has never bitten any other humans or dogs and of course like a DDB can be weary of strangers. He is fine with guest that come visit the house after he sniffs and makes his initial assessment. Max is 4+ years old and was born March 2nd 2013.

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