Gus in GA

Gus is still hanging in there and doing better than expected, here is an update from his foster mom September, 2017:
Gus has an odd nickname now of “Dude”. I have no clue how that happened. At first he hated it but now loves his new name and any rendition I can make of it. He is doing really good. He amazed me about a month ago and started eating dog food and raw meat again. I was so thankful because 8 cheeseburgers a day gets expensive. He has to continue with his medication for his liver. The vet wants him to stay on that. He think thinks he runs the house here and he definitely has all of us wrapped around his paw. He continues to eat the occasional cheeseburger with his medicine but his new love is lard. Yes I know. Lard. He loves it. He just gets enough to take his pills. He loves pickles and bananas to. He seems to have introduced all my dogs to strange new foods. His joints hurt a lot and he doesn’t stand up for long periods of time. Usually he will only stand for a few seconds. I find that so strange. He has a strange gait when he walks and runs. He doesn’t run much. When he gets excited to see me he will jump up and down in front of me. It’s quite comical to watch. He never touches me. He just has a fit in front of me. I can’t imagine how much effort and pain that must cause him. One of the pills he takes for his liver helps with joints and it’s done amazing things for him. I am thankful he is eating food I can actually put supplements in now instead of cheeseburgers. He has my heart and he knows it. It was hard to win his heart but in all the ridiculousness it took to get there I fell hard for this dog. He is quite a special boy. Somehow special doesn’t quite describe him…

**March 22, 2017 Update:

Wanted to give you a Gus update. He is doing great!  Still so happy and he shows it everyday. Every time anyone comes over they are amazed at how happy he seems. He really loves life right now. He eats 10 cheeseburgers from Burger King. I take the pickles off of the burger and break it into 1/4. At lunch his pills get slipped in. He eats 5 at lunch then 5 at dinner. After he eats the burgers he then loves the pickles. That is his favorite part. I had to go buy a big jar of dill pickle slices because my other two DDBs that are inside love pickles too. Gus eats his pickles in the burgers and the others get the ones in the jar. Gus isn’t the fondest of them out of the jar. I have never had dogs that eat pickles the way these three do.  The 10 cheeseburgers are keeping his weight up and he looks really good. His breath still smells horrendous. Some days worse than others though. Gus is quite the ham and has us all wrapped around his toes. If he doesn’t like something he will come tell you. Whether it’s the water bowl is getting low, he wants wanted, he wants to be fed, he wants to lay in a bed one of the others are in. He actually shakes his head no if he doesn’t like something. He has also gotten very protective over me. He always has been protective but it’s gotten a lot more. I keep thinking there is no way he could flourish more or get happier but he does.  He is finally figured out what being a dog and being loved means and he is totally loving it !


**Feb, 17, 2017 Update on Gus, it appears Gus is in liver failure. We have started a fund raiser to cover some of the vetting that’s been done. If you can help us, please do. He is doing ok on the treatments, but likely will not recover..

Meet Gus, a 5yr old male that has just joined us from an owner surrender and is being fostered in southern Georgia.  Gus is currently being vetted to care for his skin issue and being underweight, just 93# at surrender. He is heartworm negative!   Gus came from a home with children and displayed no anxiety when petted and rubbed, he allowed the evaluator to look at his teeth and run her hands over his legs and hips.  She describes Gus as a very loveable dog with little training.  Gus has poor muscle tone, but this should improve as his nutritional needs are met (** UPDATE** we confirmed his “poor muscle tone” is hip dysplasia and possibly bad knees as well. He is doing very well being managed on vetprofen and glucosamine).  He is getting along with the other male and female DdBs that are in the foster home.  It is unknown how he reacts with cats.  Gus is housebroken, but will need leash training.  If you are considering adopting Gus please fill out our online adoption application and list Gus as the rescue you are interested in.

All of our rescues are spayed/neutered, up to date on shots and micro chipped before being placed. Completed application and reference/home check required. We do NOT ship or fly rescues as it’s too stressful on them

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