Fospice & Special Needs Dogues

The below listed dogs are in Fospice (Hospice Foster). This is due to advanced age or poor health, which makes them less adoptable to the average person looking to add a Dogue de Bordeaux to their family. Each dogue on this page has a “reduced” adopt fee if they are adoptable. Either way, we will care for them as long as they are in our program. These dogues will live their lives out in the loving homes of our volunteers and DDB Rescue will continue to support them.
Caring for advanced age or not so healthy giant breed dogs, takes money. Rescue has put thousands of dollars into each of these dogs. If you could help our “Fospice Program”, please send your tax deductible donation can be sent to: DDB Rescue, PO Box 270113, Hartford,WI 53027 or via paypal to


Cupcake in Western, PA At 9 years old Cupcake’s life has changed. She found her way to rescue via a Good Samaritan. You can tell she had a few litters over the years. Her skin, fur and teeth are not the best, she has pressure sores from laying on hard...
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Sophie in IL

Ten year old Sophie is looking for her forever home. In late 2017 Sophie, another dog and two cats were surrendered to a shelter after their owner had died. At intake Sophie was 10-15 pounds underweight, had an ear infection and hair loss. Sophie was adopted in 2018 but was...
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Hooch in IL

After being at the shelter for eight months ten year old Hooch is the care of Dogue de Bordeaux Rescue and living with a foster family in Illinois. Hooch was found as a stray in Indiana in November of 2019. He received heart worm treatment while at the shelter and is...
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Ava has just come into our rescue. She is about 5 years old. She was one of 15 dogs that had been saved from horrible circumstances – all dogs had been kept in a barn for breeding purposes. Ava is very timid but she is trying her best to come...
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Dogue de Bordeaux Rescue welcomed Sally in February 2019.  Sally is very petite but what she lacks in size is made up with sweetness. She is a 10-12 year old Dogue de Bordeaux mix that is being fostered in Illinois. Sally likes all the other senior dogs in her foster...
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Marlow in VA

Marlow was 1 of 3 dogs that we brought in from the same owner. As her owners MS progressed, the husband, who always took care of not only the dogs, but the household bills, left her to care for these dogues on her own with a very limited income. While...
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Checha in OR

Checha’s would do best in an outdoor kennel during the day while her family is away at work or school and spend her evening and overnights in the house.  Checha feels most comfortable outdoors and needs to be let out to go to the bathroom several times a day. She ...
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Kona in IL

Kona, 9 years old, Heartworm positive Dekalb, IL Dogue de Bordeaux Rescue was contacted by a third party about a dog that was living alone on an vacant property in Missouri. We were told the dog was only fed if the women’s son “remembered” to feed him. The son hates...
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