Fospice & Special Needs Dogues

Dogue de Bordeaux Rescue has a Fospice Program which cares for dogues  that are unadoptable due to advanced age or poor health  . The dogues receives hospice care with a volunteer foster family. Some dogues are only  with us hours and others several  months.  

Juliet, Pennsylvania

Juliet is with a volunteer foster family receiving hospice care.     June 1 , 2021 Dogue de Bordeaux Rescue took in 7 year old Juliet from a NJ shelter. She came to us not feeling very well and is in a hospice foster home in PA. Juliet’s gall bladder is...
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George, New York

Dogue de Bordeaux Rescue welcomes eleven (11) year old George.  George was taken to a New Jersey shelter when his elderly owner could no longer care for him. George is already making friends at his foster home and is very sweet. He is thin, has some skin issues, bad hips...
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One year old Juna found her way to the shelter as a stray.   She is very thin, weighing 54 pounds with her backbone,  ribs and hips  showing. Juna was  terrified at the shelter. She would plaster herself against the kennel wall and coward down.  Juna is still terrified in her...
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Sasyak, Missouri

We would like introduce Sasyak. The name Sasyak means he who is perfect. And perfect he is, so incredibly sweet and friends with everyone he meets.  We do not know about Sasyak’s past or how he became paralyzed but we will give him a happy and wonderful life. Part of...
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Cupcake, Pennsylvania

Cupcake in Western, PA At 9 years old Cupcake’s life has changed. She found her way to rescue via a Good Samaritan. You can tell she had a few litters over the years. Her skin, fur and teeth are not the best, she has pressure sores from laying on hard...
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Brandi, Illinois

Dogue de Bordeaux Rescue welcomed  seven year old Brandi in June of 2019. Prior to Brandi being surrendered she was kept in a basement with little interaction from her family.  She love, love, loves people. Brandi would do best as the only dog.  All of our rescues are spayed/neutered, up...
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