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The below listed dogs are in Fospice (Hospice Foster). They are due to advance age or health, makes them less adoptable to the average person looking to add a ddb to their home. Each dogue on this page has a “reduced” adopt fee if they are adoptable. Either way, we will care for them as long as they are in our program. These dogues will live their lives out in the loving homes of our volunteers and DDB Rescue will continue to support them.
Caring for advanced age or not so healthy giant breed dogs, takes money. Rescue has put thousands of dollars into each of these dogs. If you could help our “Fospice Program”, please send your tax deductible donation to DDB Rescue, 7160 Goodrich Hwy, Oakland, OR 97462 or paypal to Thank you!

DDB Rescue could use donations to help care for these dogues and others like them. Your tax deductible donation can be sent to: DDB Rescue, 7160 Goodrich Hwy. Oakland, OR 97462, or via paypal to

Coco in WI

What can we say about Coco. Weighing only 72 pounds, partially bald, grade 3 heart murmur, anemic, nails so long she could barely walk, filthy, and her abdomen full of fluid is how Coco came into DDBR. Coco’ initial vetting has been donated, but continuing vetting will be DDBR’s responsibility....
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Frank in MA

Frank is located in MA Frank Update 10/12/17:  Frank has had quite a long journey since coming in to rescue! To recap, he was surrendered to a shelter after his veterinarian diagnosed him with renal failure. After many different tests including blood panels, multiple urinalysis, X-rays, and an ultrasound, it...
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