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The below listed dogs are in Fospice (Hospice Foster). They are due to advance age or health, makes them less adoptable to the average person looking to add a ddb to their home. Each dogue on this page has a “reduced” adopt fee if they are adoptable. Either way, we will care for them as long as they are in our program. These dogues will live their lives out in the loving homes of our volunteers and DDB Rescue will continue to support them.
Caring for advanced age or not so healthy giant breed dogs, takes money. Rescue has put thousands of dollars into each of these dogs. If you could help our “Fospice Program”, please send your tax deductible donation to DDB Rescue, 7160 Goodrich Hwy, Oakland, OR 97462 or paypal to Thank you!

DDB Rescue could use donations to help care for these dogues and others like them. Your tax deductible donation can be sent to: DDB Rescue, 7160 Goodrich Hwy. Oakland, OR 97462, or via paypal to

Marlow in VA

Marlow was 1 of 3 dogs that we brought in from the same owner. As her owners MS progressed, the husband, who always took care of not only the dogs, but the household bills, left her to care for these dogues on her own with a very limited income. While...
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Gracie in OR

Gracie is a 7-9 year old spayed, purebred Bullmastiff located in Oakland Oregon. Gracie came into rescue when her 84 year old owner in failing health could no longer care for her and wanted to make sure Gracie was safe and taken care of incase anything happened to her. Gracie...
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Honey in CA

Honey is located in San Diego We were notified on 8/7 about her, she was running lose in the streets of Anaheim, massive tumor hanging down, emaciated and in just horrible shape. Animal control captured her and immediately started her vetting. The tumor ruptured and was a bleeding, goopy mess....
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Kona in IL

Kona, 9 years old, Heartworm positive Dekalb, IL Dogue de Bordeaux Rescue was contacted by a third party about a dog that was living alone on an vacant property in Missouri. We were told the dog was only fed if the women’s son “remembered” to feed him. The son hates...
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Rufus in IL

Rufus is located near DeKalb, IL. He came into rescue the weekend of 6/10/02017. Rufus is a 9 year old male DDB looking for his forever family. He is heart worm negative and healthy. Rufus original owner moved and he was left behind. Rufus is very social with people  and...
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